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Battery not charging

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Hello, I have an '03 eclipse, and I am having some electrical problems that I can't figure out. I noticed that my headlights and dash lights were flickering (getting dimmer and brighter). I went to autozone, and they said my battery wasn't being charged. Also, they said that the alternator was getting too hot. I had recently replaced the battery and alternator. I took the alternator off the car and had it tested at autozone, but it passed. Does anyone have any idea why the battery wouldn't be charging when the alt and the battery are both good? Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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Make sure all terminals are clean, both at the battery and at the alternator. This would be the first and cheapest thing to check. Also, if the alternator was remanufactured, it may be defective. If the battery won't charge properly, I would think it's the alternator.
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