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broken seal/boot/"cv-joint"

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There is a fairly loud clank, metal on metal, and then the car lurches forward. It only seems to happen under acceleration. After slight inspection I noticed the metal bands that goes around the boot on the axle was completely loose and just hanging there. This would be the boot on the passenger side closest to the hub assembly. There was also grease leaking from the boot. I'm assuming the cv-joint is shot so I'll probably replace the axle. Is this the correct solution? I'm probably going to replace the hub assembly as well. I've suspected the bearing of failing for a while now. Any input would be appreciated.

Car is an 02 GT 5 speed, 83,xxx miles, stock suspention.
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When my diff blew up, the bands on both inner boots broke (closest to the transmission). The car also jumped, jerked, and pulled the steering wheel when driving, especially when turning.
I was really hoping not to hear "that sounds like differential" :lol: :mecry:
Open up your diff and find out. Either way, it sounds like your inner and POSSIBLY outer cv jont(s) are gone.
Just buy a new axle or go to the junkyard and get one. There is really not much else you can do. You can rebuild it, but it would be cheaper just to go and buy one to replace it.
Local AAP doesn't have any in stock or at the ware house. Found a local shop that will rebuild the axle in a day for the same price as a replacement (approx. $85). Havent checked any junkyards yet.

My biggest problem is my location. I'm downtown milwaukee parked in a multi-level garage right now and the nearest garage that I might be able to use is 15 to 20 miles away. I think tearing apart my car in the parking garage is probably a bad idea... Maybe I'll do it late at night? :dunno:

EDIT: Just found a new axle for $74.25 that I'm gonna pick up tomorrow.
Replaced the half-shaft, problem is still there... I guess I'll be looking for a tranny now.
I've seen a couple of those before. :lol: Sorry to hear. If the big ring gear has any minute chips in, then you will not be able to reuse it. It will make a sound like a card in a bicycle spoke on deceleration, that can be heard inside the car with the windows up. The same goes for the pinion gear that drives it. However, the pinion gear is a machined part of the output shaft.
That second picture is supposed to show the chips in big gear. It's a bit out of fucus. The pinion gear does have chips also, didn't know that was part of the input shaft though. Everything else looks fine. The bearings would obviously need to be replaced as well.

Is my cheapest option going to be rebuilding everything or finding a used tranny?
So transmissions from these cars are all the same correct?

99-03 Galant V6
00-05 Eclipse V6
01-03 Stratus V6
01-03 Sebring V6
On the Stratus/Sebring COUPES, model years 01-05 will fit, depending on what engine you have. The V6 is the R/T(Stratus) and LXI(Sebring). Hope that helps.
On the Stratus/Sebring COUPES, model years 01-05 will fit, depending on what engine you have. The V6 is the R/T(Stratus) and LXI(Sebring). Hope that helps.
Yes it does. Thanks
I have the same problem :( I was thinking about getting a Quaife and getting the tranny rebuilt so i dont break it again. What do u guys think ?
I would do the same if I had $2000 laying around...
i can get the diff from Russ for like around 1100 because of damn tax but i dont know how much 2 rebuild i gotta get some prices from some shops :(
Just came across some cash. Tuition refund FTW! Maybe I will go this route as well...
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