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Bumper Help???

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Hey, I just joined this forum here because I got a 2001 Eclipse GT! But I also have a problem. As you can see, in the link, it has a ugly a$$ "bra" on the car. Under the bra, the bumper is cracked! I got the car this way and I came up with a plan on how to make it look better, but I wanted your guys opionons first.:) what if I buy the 100 dollar bumper off ebay, in the link below, and a 30 dollar grille off amazon, would it work?? My dad would help me install it, we pretty much know how to do it. We'll paint it too, because it's just primer.

Here's the pictures of the car:
Flickr: RocklipseGT's Photostream

Here's the link to the Bumper:

Here's the Grille: Mitsubishi Eclipse Grill / Grille Insert 2000-2002: Silver: Automotive

Besides the bumper, the car is very nice and clean. So, let me know what you guys think. I know it wont look perfect or good, but i want the car to look more decent.:mecry2: also gonna buy some dual halo headlights for the car.;)
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Ugly wheels? Hmm, everyone whose seen my car thought those were the best part:D Awsome, idea though.... would the bumper fit with no alteration, though??? Also the I picked the bumper and the grille I showed you based on the cheap price (not looking to spend alot and it would be easy to install them)
But thanks for helping, might consider it...
Those are some ugly wheels, the reason why they say its the best part is cause you drive a turd.:yesway:
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