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Year: 2000

Submodel: GT

Trans: Sportronic

Mileage: 155,000

Problem: I was replacing the o-rings and grommets on my fuel injectors and when I removed the fuel rail there are (what tearstone refers to as) insulators that fit in between the fuel rail and the intake. If you look at the tearstone service manual for the 2000-2002 Eclipse 2000-2002 Eclipse Service Manual | Tearstone , Group 13B Multi-Port Fuel Injection (MFI) 3.0L page 561 (13B-561) item number 9 is what I am speaking of.

I noticed one of them was cracked and I do not feel comfortable putting it back on. I have contacted parts stores and Mitsubishi dealers in the area as well as some out of state with no good answer. Does anybody know where I can obtain these insulators?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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