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Can't find intake bolt...

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So my injen CAI showed up in the mail today, and I got it hooked up but I only found a spot to bolt the bottom half of it, which looks like it is on there PERFECT now. But I can't find a spot to bolt down the top hanger:ugh::ugh::ugh:

It is on there good enough so there really is no chance of it falling off, but I would still like the top to be bolted down so it doesn't look all ghetto.

And yes, I searched. The how to in the garage isn't worth a shit and all the pics I have been looking at for the past half hour aren't close enough for me to see where it is actually bolted in at the tops.

So if someone can draw me a picture or go outside real quick and take a quick snapshot with they're camera phone or whatever and post it here that would be awesome. Thanks :bigthumb:
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did the CAI not come with directions? Mine did when I bought it. It laid out exactly where the mounting point for that pipe was. I've got a GS, so its probably a bit different for you. I would just look and see if there are any bolts around where that mounting point on the pipe is and see if it lines up.
There aren't any bolts that I could see that look like they would work, and I bought it from a member on this site so instructions were not included.
What manifold and TB are you using? Mounting the upper (WAI) piping may require once of those rubber standoffs that come with most air intakes. I know my Injen WAI required it but I was using a Diamante manifold and TB so things had "shifted" a bit toward the driver side due to the wider manifold/TB assembly.
Ok, so thanks for the input everyone. But uh...i'm just a fucking retard and figured out what my problem was. So, thanks again:bigthumb:
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