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For registered members of the website website, you have been granted a privilege to vote for the car of the month (COTM) that will appear on the front page every first day of the month.

Here are some of the things to consider in this forum:

  • If the car has already been COTM, it are not eligible to be one again for another two years. In addition, it has to be drastically different from when it won the previous COTM.
  • No one is allowed to nominate themselves as COTM.
  • This forum is now open to public starting April 2013.
  • Only the administrators, super moderators, and the COTM mod can create new threads, so please do not send a PM asking why you can't create a new thread. If you have a nomination in mind, wait until someone creates a new thread for that month and post your recommendation.
  • Nominations are due by the 21st of the current month, and they will be listed in a voting poll the following day assuming they're eligible. Voting ends towards the end of current month.
  • If a car has been COTM before and was sold to another member, it is still falls under the default two year grace period and modification rule.
  • Cars that were never COTM but are sold to another member are ineligible for COTM, unless the vehicle has been modified drastically since its original owner sold it. We are trying to award those who spent the time and money into making their car stand out, not someone that wants to buy a car with everything done because they're too lazy to modify or research.
COTM Nominee Checklist:
  • Nominee currently owns the car (and it is NOT for sale).
  • Nominee is not permanently banned.
  • Nominee's car pictures are clear, focused and are at least 600x600 resolution.
  • Nominee has a modification list.
  • Nominee has at least 11 tasteful pictures of vehicle.
Pending Rules:
  • Take notice of a small change too. Recent internal discussions have made us unsure on the ability to Nominate non 3G's for the COTM (unless it's an April fools month). If a non 3G is nominated, be warned, we have the right to remove any nominees at our discretion.
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