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car won't start

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Last thing done to the car was installing rpw shorties/hfc

After install with only the front 2 o2 sensors install, I turned the car on to idle for 20 minutes. Decided to take it around the block. Made it out of my neighborhood, turned onto an open road and pushed the gas a bit(not flooring it) I noticed very little power, and by 40mph the engine completely shut off.
I didnt hear any pop/crack/snap, just went quiet.
Didnt notice any loose wires, no parts on the road, no leaks
today I pulled off the plenum, reinstalled with 3rd o2 sensor on rear manifold
car will turn over(chugchugchug) but doesn't run.
When spraying starter fluid into the tb, the motor sounds closer to giving.

Thought, getting no fuel?

feel free to ask questions
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Alright, have some updates. Did a spark check and had no spark. I was suggested to check out the distributer.
Found that the small 'coil?' of 2 spark plug wires broke off into the distributor cap.
Replaced the Rotor, the cap, and the broken spark plug wires.

Car still doesn't run.
fuse 9 on the map was done. Replaced it, still doesn't run.
Tried starting it (no starter fluid)
when turning the key I'd hit the gas in/out for air
As long as the pedal is down the car runs, but sounds like shit!
I have spark
Check your vacuum lines.
TPS is fine.
still not running?
its running. fixed problem after relocating downstream o2 sensor behind the cat.
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