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Hey everyone, just joined up and this is my first post. I took the the time to read the forum rules and I have to say, the Newb vs. Noob lesson was quite entertaining :lol:

That being said, I'm a member of other forums and in the past I owned a different 3rd gen that I turbo charged and was with Mitsubishi forums. So this isn't my first rodeo with the 3rd gen eclipse.

I used the search function but most threads deal with the 3.0L only or are not specific to what I'm asking. And as with other forums, the search function leads you to threads where the majority of answers are to use the search function. so...

I am taking a different approach with this 01 GS 5-speed and want a plain stock car with cretin sensible and undetectable mods. I have to deal with CA emissions and am done playing the pass/fail game. However I do have the mod bug and am a tinkerer, so I can't help myself when it comes to maximizing power and efficiency. I always do weight reduction were possible and little things here and there to increase fuel economy etc.

The car came with a K/N intake which I dont mind because its CARB compliant and legal. Other than lowering springs/rims its bone stock.

I'll finally get to my question. On the 2.4L the rear cat is not monitored by any sensors. So I don't see removing or gutting it as being an issue. Probably gutting so it is still there for possible harsh visual inspections in the future. I am looking for the wisdom from the already been there crowd and what I can expect. My main concern is, will this in any way possible give me a SES light? And has anyone noticed a difference in sound, feel, maybe even power?

Lets be honest, the car is gutless and any hp that can be freed up would be great. I may do a cat back exhaust in the future to aid in the flow process. So my plan is to basically have the CAI, a cat back, and a gutted rear cat, then do some tuning. I feel this will maximize the car while keeping it legal. (Obviously the cat gutting isn't legal), but if it un detectable, I would like to do it.

Im thinking with these simple mods and a fine tune, maybe up to 15-20 whp can be picked up and the car might actually feel alright. I love the car and the look of it and the 400 miles to the tank I get half city half highway. So I do want to keep the car. As I said, this is my second third gen. And 6th eclipse over all.

The car is never gonna be like my 430whp vette, but it is my daily driver for work etc. and I hate literally having to floor it to stay with traffic in crazy California. People drive fast here.

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I'm surprised you don't know this have already owned a boosted 3rd gen. Not being rude, just surprised. What was your old set up?

You'll get no noticable gain from the intake or exhaust setup. All are for astetic reasons only. You *MIGHT* see a 10-15hp gain if you do the exhaust and intake, followed by an agressive tune. Your MPG will suffer considerably though.

If your rear cat is not monitored, removing won't trigger any check engine light. If you really want to keep it covered for inspection reasons, replace the rear cat with a "high flow" cat. Followed by a nice catback light Invidia, Greddy, or Magnaflow. This way you're still legal, yet have the sound you want.
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