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Chasis Lube Job?

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Ok what does that mean? You grewase up the chasis? wtf.. lol can anyone explain? As per carfax.. my car was lubed at around 60k , im at 130k and wonder what do I do to keep it "lubed"?



Ok i found out

sheesh lack of help in this site.. Just because you dont know about eclipses people automatically think I dont know crap.. How was I supposed to know if eclipses had closed ball bearing joints or not..

Wish I could slap a klze on my eclipse :/
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A chassis Lube is a bit of BS now. Older cars used to have several grease fittings, especially in the days of parallelogram steering (instead of a rack and pinion) and when cars had upper and lower ball joints.

Most things on cars are sealed now with the exception of some componenets on SUV's and trucks. On my car, my sway bar links, tie rod ends and ball joints are all aftermarket from MOOG so they have grease fittings on them. Theoretically, being able to lube them should make them last longer, because even if water seeps in its no big deal, I can just flush out all the grease.

Hope this helps

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