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Checking in - Pittsburgh

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Some of you may remember my threads on 3g Girls or 3g Miniatures... Don't think I posted my collection of articles or other misc stuff here. I would be willing to bet I had more varying 3g Eclipse Models and Print Media etc. than anyone including Richard in Australia with his Mitsubishi Miniatures. Some of the rarer ones include the Ban Seng Concepts, Silver 1/18 Jada and a Resin SST Targa Model given only to the designers of the SST Concept.

Anyways... I am considering putting some 3g stuff up for sale. Some of the things I still have for the car:

2000-2002 WW Front Lip
2003-2005 WW Front Lip
WW Sideskirts
WW Rear Lip

Unpainted, everything but the 2003-2005 has countersunk rivet holes from how I mounted it. Authentic Wings West

4g64 Ripp SDS
No Black Box probably gonna keep the boost cooler.

2 10" Fiberglass custom subwoofer enclosures. These appear factory, they mount in the rear corners of the hatch near the access panels for the reverse lights. Best subwoofer enclosure I have seen for the car not flashy

D3 Designs Chassis Stiffening Kit

RRE Rear Strut Tower Bar

I'm sure I have other stuff. Not really interested in shipping. Wrecked my car that I had quite a bit of money into. DUI, left it sit in impound. Not only did I lose the car and all the mods invested, I had Fluke Electrician tools, gear wrenches who knows what else in the car.

The thing I miss the most that was in the car.... I had a binder with every Press Kit, Slide, Factory Photo, Trading Card, Magazine Article, The SST Tanzania Stamp, Print Ad, Brochure, Accessory Brochure, Post Card, Paper Models, Stickers, etc.... Don't even remember everything that was in it, but it was about 5" thick at least. Spent tons of money hunting down the stuff on ebay etc, emailing people looking for stuff. Sucks.

Anyways, I am sober now and have my license back. Was holding onto this stuff for another 3G build but ended up getting something else. Still will own another someday, but for now I think I might want to invest in mods for what I have now.

The D3 CSK, 4g64 Ripp SDS and Sub Enclosures are uber-rare, or were when I bought them at least.

As for the car.... Had a VIS CF hood, tein SS-P Coilovers, Baer front brakes, Powerslot Plus Rear BBK disc conversion, Moochi X V Brace Rear STB, ST Suspension Swaybars, TYC Black Taillights, Depo Projector Headlights, Pilot HIDs, Helix Smoked front signals, Black/Red Mitsu Symbol embroidered seats, Vertical Doors Inc. Lambo Doors, Hood Struts, AEM Tru-Power Pullies....A bunch of other stuff.

Car had been turbo'd. At time of wreck had an issue I just got done repairing on the balance shaft and just finished putting the lambo doors on, hadn't even had time to extend the wiring. So the bolt-ons at that point were DC Sports 4-2-1 Header, Injen Cold Air intake, Greddy Catback Exhaust.

Oh yeah.... Also have a Evo 3 16g attached to a Dougs Dyno Power Down Pipe that clears the A/C, A T25, DNP Style Tubular Exhaust Manifold, Intercooler, Stratus R/T doors (swap glass for streakless eclipse doors), a Tampa Blue Pearl Hood... Not sure what Else would have to do some searching.

4 Sets of wheels with BAD tires mounted. I have a bead breaker and could possibly remove tires but may take some time.

18" Battle EXE
18" SportMaxx
17" Konig Rush
16"? Enkei? 2000 GS Stock wheels Tires on those may have tread.

Would like to sell locally if possible, never was big on shipping. I know threads in the FS Section need pictures, username, prices, etc... but this was like a spur of the moment thought and its kind of hard to rip someone off in person. So here it is in the Mid-Atlantic where I bet it gets zero exposure. Maybe I'm just not ready to let go.

If you do happen to see this and are interested you can reach me at kurtzauto on gmail. (Not looking for spam, if you made it this far and are having trouble contacting me :squint: :noplease: just post here I'll see it.
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