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Cleaning v2 Intake

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hey guys simple question im cleanin my and my girlfriends aem intake she has a regular one like a k&n with like the wire stuff around it and i have the v2 and it seems like cloth with no wire can i still use the k&n recharger kit on mine????
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Q: Is it necessary to oil my DRYFLOW filter?
A: NO! The DRYFLOW filter NEVER requires filter oil to trap dirt. It filters at a higher efficiency than oiled filters and traps dirt particles as small as one micron without the use of oil. Since the media is synthetic, oil will not wick to the DRYFLOW material and will travel up your inlet.

Thats right from AEM website(just go there).
im not goin to oil it i just meant like can i use the same cleaner ?
i guess you can thanks tho jesse
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