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CLOUD'S turbo 03 GS

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Car looks great. Really love the clean look you got going there. The turbo is very nice too. How much did it cost for all the parts and did you intsall it yourself or have a shop do it.
P.S. Sorry about the bad shock.:confused: When you get the suspension get some pics up.:twothumb:
I think i like your sig just about as much as I like your car :p
Very nice turbo setup, should be heading in the same direction soon. Get some fresh pics with the wheels and drop (and some night time shots), should give it a better look. btw, love the "JDM" license :rolleyes:.

chadderkdawg said:
I think i like your sig just about as much as I like your car :p
Lunar, its fine. You gave me a GREAT deal - I should be thankful for 3! haha. I'll make sure your 3 working ones get installed and glorified when I find a 4th.

yeah, about the plate - its just there lol. I dont drive with it, it sits in my room mostly.
The Ralliart badge was on there to cover the trunk holes. Way back when, I shaved my trunk and realized that there were studs on the back of the emblem. I put it back on and the tape didn't hold.. so it recently flew off (It lasted a year without signs of wear). I tried the Badge out, since I had an extra one, then it looked ugly... so now I have a badge on its way with some 3m adhesive... lol
car looks great, whats up with the cloth on the dash? any more shots of that?
The cloth is from dash hugger - it protects it and you can have it in any color with whatever color stitching. You can even get it embroidered. Every older 3g I see has a crack on their dash near the window - driver's side. I didn't want to be part of that statistic... lol
i don't like the cloth on the dash and i don't like how the exhaust has a funy angle to it....i have a 2000 Eclipse and my dash didn't crack, i just take care of it....the turb looks sweet though, great work man, nice clean car
very nice. i always love to see people taking on the do-it-yourself approach. the turbo setup looks good for being custom. except for the zip ties used in place of hose clamps lol. and is that the stock manifold? a set of wheels would do a lot of good for the exterior, as would some gt side skirts. and get that muffler pointed out straight.. thats rice. slanted mufflers only belong on cars with a rear diff. other than that it has potential to be pretty badass. i like it :twothumb:
wow i love it cloud alot of u guys cars inspire me alot and dude keep it looking stock thats the way to go lol i plan on doing something like that on mine soon
I want to see some pics with those gloss black eBay wheels that you bought! I remember you posted a pic of them awhile back, but I want some shots of them on your whip!
very nice would really set it off with some wheels
rippedeclipse said:
very nice would really set it off with some wheels
About the angled muffler: I can't run it straight - it's 3" exhaust and the piping would get crushed running over-axle (stock location) - especially since I'm lowered. I was hoping I could mount it straight, but I had to angle it under the spare tire well. Trust me, I don't like the mount either - but I have a turbo to back it up... lol

I have wheels in, just waiting on tires and install. Every time I save enough for tires I have to spend it on the turbo... haha.

The larger zip ties are there to hold the a/c lines away from the turbo so they won't melt. After I mount the lines they won't be a bother anymore.

The smaller zip-ties that are on the vacuum hoses: I don't mind them. Clamps that small would be pointless - those vacuum lines are fitted (not over-sized or under-sized) so they won't go anywhere.

I was looking into GT sideskirts, but I decided to get a WW lip kit later down the road.
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Beautiful man. I love it!
SO thats what my car would look like with an intercooler. :yesway: Looking good. I like the fitment of your cf hood.
yeah thats what i was thinking, that hood fits like an oem. looks good :yesway:
Yep - it's a VIS hood. It sort-of lifts up on the driver's side but thats because it was dropped (you see the chip on the corner?) I didn't do it - lol.
I love the car and ww kit is the way to go... but first, you need some wheels.
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