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Clutch Install

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I just got my clutch today and i was wondering how hard it would be to do the install myself... Steps? just any info on it would be great.... i got a quote for 450 dollars for labor to put it in and i wont have that for about a month so i was just wondering if this feasible on my own...

Thank you all for your help!!
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You'd at least need an assistant to help you wrestle your tranny out. The work involved is pretty extensive. I managed to get mine done in my parking lot, and was off to work that afternoon. I hired someone who was familiar with the whole process, and he brought an assistant. With my friend there, we had four people. This became most necessary when dropping the transmission.

Basic steps:
-Remove stuff sitting above transmission. Battery, battery tray, intake, starter.
-Remove wheels and free axle & brake assembly from suspension parts such as control arm(s) & tie rod.
-Pull axles out from your tranny's differential. Will leak oil, so be prepared with catch-can/rags.
-Support engine/transmission with jack/jack-stand(s).
-Remove motor mounts: rear, driv. side, & front (along with entire cross-brace)
-Unbolt transmission & ease it down and out.
-Remove old clutch & pressure plate, throwout bearing, & flywheel (to resurface or replace - I skipped this). Replace with new/refurbished parts.
-Repeat all steps in reverse. Bleed & refill clutch, and road test!

The above steps don't include any of the inevitable headaches involved, and I'm sure I left some bits out here & there. However, that should give you some idea of what you'd be in for.
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wow that sounds very tough.... so does 450 sound like a decent estimate for labor at a transmission shop?
I was getting anything from $400 - $500 estimates. The $500 range included warranty of their labor. So... yes. $450 isn't bad. Do a bit more shopping, though. ;)
I made off good then. I recently had mine replaced and was only charged $250 labor.
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