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Code P0403

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I've searched the boards for hours looking through information about this particular code. Alas, I couldn't decide what to do first and how to do it.

Code: p0403
2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder GT, manual transmission

Problem: Service Engine Light came on. Car seems to run normal. Doesn't die, idles normally, with the exception that it gets a little hotter than normal. The temperature goes back to normal while driving though.

I read that there are basically three things I can do to solve this problem.

A. Replace the EGR
B. Replace the EGR Solenoid
C. Check the Vac hoses for leaks

Okay, my issue. I do not know where the EGR valve is. I've searched and thought it was on the drivers side, almost in the middle, above the intake manifold and next to the intake, has like a goldish colored top. I'm not sure if that was it or not. I also googled to try to find images of the EGR valve, with no results. Knowing where the EGR valve actually is would be really great. Pictures would be even better. The reason I'm hesitant that this is the valve is because a friend told me that the EGR valve is on the passenger side on the side of the manifold. What holds this on, just 2 12mm bolts?

Okay. I've read that you can check the hoses by just spraying carb cleaner on them and seeing if they are leaking, true?

Lastly, is there a way I can see if the Solenoid is actually good or bad. I'd really hate to buy one of those and then it not be the problem. Also, where is this. From what I've read this is just a brown plugin, correct? If you have any extra pictures of the solenoid this would also be helpful.

Whats the first thing you'd do if this code came up for you?

Any pictures or detailed explanations would be amazingly helpful and I'd appreciate it. I'm a young college student and money is scarce right now. Please do not flame me, telling me to search because I have for hours.

Thank you for taking the time to read and reply to this post.
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If I got a P0403, I would follow the diagnostic in the Service Manual. (Starts on page 13B-338)

Its probably your solenoid. The instructions will tell you how to check it.
Thanks for the reply..

So, I didn't do anything to the vehicle and the SES light goes off.. Its been off for about 50 miles now. I'm guessing its going to come back on since I didn't do anything to fix it.
The brass/gold colored piece next to the intake is probably the Cruise Control Canister. That is bolted to the throttle body and is not what you are looking for. Looks somewhat similar though (circular, disk/UFO-like). It is bolted (two 12m or 14mm bolts) to the back of the intake manifold/plenum, probably on the driver side. May be hard to spot unless you remove the manifold or look from UNDER the car. It is between the firewall and the manifold.

Testing the solenoids is quick and painless if you have a hand vacuum pump and a 12V power supply (or car batt:)) Vac leaks are easy to find by spraying carb cleaner around areas that could be leaking (vac lines, nipples, solenoids, canisters, gaskets, etc) while the engine runs. If the idle speed changes while spraying then you found a leak.

What is the first thing I would do if I got a P0403? Well, I would clear the code using an OBDII scan tool then look at my vac lines to make sure one didn't get disconnected, damaged, or something obvious along those lines. If all looked well I would disregard the code unless it came back. At that point I would remove the EGR related valves and solenoids ONE AT A TIME (to avoid confusion) and test them with a hand vac pump and 12V poer source per the FSM's instructions. I have done diagnostics on ALL those little valves andsolenoids and it was pretty quick and painless. Finding out which piece was called what was the hardest part :D
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Thank you! If the light comes back on I'll start there.
Okay. The light is still out. BUT when the car is idling, it gets a bit hot. Just above the middle ways of the heat gauge. When I press the accelerator though and the rpms go up, it cools back down immediately. Any clue what could be happening? Theres no code or check engine light coming on.
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