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2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse Gt.
December 2008 COTM.
Picked up Sep 11, 07.

6g75 (3.8L)
Ripp Modifications Supercharger
Vortech V3 Blower
Vortech Maxflow Racing Bypass Valve
Custom Draw-thru Maf Piping
Diamante 3.5L 65mm TB
NGK Iridium IX Spark Plugs
NGK Premium Class Ignition Wires
RPW Short Tube Headers
Magnaflow HFC
Greddy Evo 2 Exhaust
ECU Reflash - TxTuned
Ingalls Torque Damper
Prothane Motor Mount Inserts
2000 Edition Mitsubishi Valve Cover
Billet Aluminum Cap Kit
Aluminum Oil Cap
Walbro 255 Fuel Pump

Quaife Limited Slip Differential
Spec Stage 4 Clutch
Fidanza Lightwight Flywheel
B&M Short Shifter
Greddy Counter-weight Knob
Energy Suspension Shifter Bushings
Shifter Cable Bushings
Scot Grey Mix

Zeitronix Display Unit (Boost, AFR, Fuel Pressure, EGT)
Optima Redtop Battery
Raptor Digital Battery Terminals
Tactrix Cable (Datalogger/Reflash)

Black Depo Projector Headlights
5000k HID H7 Low Beams
Front Black Signal Lights
TYC Tail lights - Black
Euro Reverse Lights - Modified Black Housing
Sonar 3rd Brake Light - Modified Black Housing
Black Rear Bumper Decal Inserts
Mitsubishi Black Emblem
GrillCraft 5Pc Black Grille
Painted Front & Rear Calipers
Club3g Window Decals
Aluminum Fuel Door
Debadged V6 Emblems
3M 20% Tint

Pioneer AVH-P4000DVD Head Unit
Pioneer TS-W256C 10" Subwoofer
MA Audio M1889i Amplifier
1.0 Cu Ft Subwoofer Enclosure

Suspension, Wheels, Brakes
Enkei RPF1's
Hankook RS3 Tires
Megan Coilover Damper Kit
Custom Rear Camber Kit
Drilled and Slotted Rotors
Friction Master Ceramic F&R Pads
DC Sports Rear Strut Bar

Old stuff.


-Fidanza / Spec-



-Drilled & Slotted Rotors-

Gt plenum -> Diamante plenum.

2/6/8 - Titanium dual halo headlights

2/7/8 - Smoked corners, B&M Short shifter, Greddy counter weight shift knob

2/12/8 - 6k HIDs

2/14/8 - KYB AGX & Eibach Pro Kit

3/25/8 - Black Depo Headlights

4/23/8 - ADR Phantom 19x7.5 & Falken FK452 225/35/19

5/22/8 - 3.5L 6g74 installed

6/4/8 Spec stage 1 & Fidanza lightweight flywheel installed

6/13/8 - AEM UEGO installed

8/3/8 - Diamante uim/tb & alloy fuel door installed

December 2008 Club3g cotm

2/17/9 - 4.3k HIDs

2/22/9 - uim/vc powder coated & Tearstone cap

2/26/9 - DC rear strut bar

10/14/9 - Megan coilovers & grillcraft

5/5/10 - Shifter bushings

7/18/10 - Car paid off

9/11/10 - New aem uego

9/26/10 - 3.8L 6g75 (31k miles/06 galant/100k odo)

10/19/10 - Scott grey mix

11/20/10 - ceramic coating for RPWs

12/20/10 - Quaife lsd

2/14/11 - Ingalls tq damper

4/13/11 - Vis evo cf hood, Ripp purchase

4/19/12 - Wings west purchase

5/25/11 - Sds installed

7/20/11 - Spec clutch went, installed spec stage four and new fidanza plate

10/4/11 - Aeromotive a1000, 3sx rails, zeitronix unit

1/17/12 - Vortech bypass valve

2/3/12 - Wrx 440s flowed to 560s by Fuel Injector Clinic

4/12 - Paint (Rudys in Orlando)

6/20/12 - Check valve, blower oil, egt sensor

11/1/12 - Enkei rpf1 17x8 & Hankook rs3 245/40/17

RS rocks!
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I like all of it except the headlights. It kinda look too shiny for me, but overall, nice car. :)

I'd Rather Be Flying
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well cody with this headlights the hid output is HORRIBLE!!!!
actually tomorrow im taking mine and fix them cause i dont see any thing.

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>

they do look shiny lol well hopefully everything goes well for you.
btw im lowering the car really soon lol

Christopher Pearce
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I'm not a fan of the headlights, especially in titanium. I had the black housing dual-halos, and I was not impressed in the least bit. Get some Sonars, smoked corners, and it will look much better, IMO.

Never say never!
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I like everything except for the headlights. The stockers would look much better with your setup. But other than that it's pretty clean.:yesway:

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On a side note, if you plan to be keeping the stock wheels for a little while longer. You should consider filling in the Mitsu logo in the center caps with black tape. It's cheap and if done right, it can look good.

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Electric tape. Cheap, like what I said earlier. I used electric tape on my wheels a little over a year ago and NONE of them have fallen off and they still look great.

Just be sure to make cut-outs of the diamonds first to get the dimensions right.

I'd Rather Be Flying
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ohhh lol yeah i had to do it as well.. it sucked.
cody unfortunately like i said you'r not going to be able to see crap with this headlights.
so before you install the HID"S take the headlights out insert the hid's and fix the aim.

and even worse with the 6000k
thats why i went with the 4300k
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