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Concept EV Eclipse....

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Stumbled upon this oddball somehow while searching for speakers, let me hear some opinions, you guys mess with the design? Or does it look too different and/or futuristic?

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That concept is different from the EV OP mentioned. Much older.

As for the concept EV, where did you find it? I was hoping to read a bit more about it.
In my browser, I typed in Mitsubishi Concept and a number of things came up. What I posted is just one of those items. They even had the third gen concept.
My hopium dream about Mitsubishi is that they continue their herritage of releasing budget friendly versions of other cars, and I seriously hope they follow suit with an EV sport coupe, with the looming threat of the tesla roadster and supposed Toyota MR2 EV. I doubt they would hash the eclipse badge for a third time, so my only hope is that they work with the 3000GT namesake. Call it the 3000EV, or whatever.

I personally wouldnt be upset if they brought back the EVO as an EV so long as it stays a 4 door sedan and has some performance to it.
I am already bored with the whole EV thing. Just another angle to try to sell you a new car. I lost interest in owing new cars 10-15 years ago. ...J.D.
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