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Thought I'd make a thread of some of the things I cook and make give out some recipes. Mostly, because I'm Puertorican, It'll consist of Spanish food which is always: Rice Beans and some kind of meat/protein but there is also other different foods. This week is Arroz con Frijoles (Rice with Beans) and Chicken seasoned with all types of greatness also can be known as a type of Arroz con Pollo (Pollo-Chicken)

So you should know how to make Rice but just in case, For my particular occasion It was for me, my mom, my dad, my girlfriend and a friend. I made 4 cups of rice and then filled the water line in the rice cooker to 4. Added some oil and salt for a less bland taste and so it doesn't stick too much together like most Asian type rices.

Took my Crock Pot
Added Half Regular Beans, Half Kidney Beans
Sofrito (Ingredients
2 medium green peppers, seeds removed
1 red sweet pepper, seeds removed
2 large tomatoes
2 medium onions, peeled
1 head of garlic, peeled
1 bunch cilantro leaves
1/2 bunch parsley leaves) This is for a Quart. What I do is after making the sofrito and putting it in the blender to a nice liquid/thick form I pour it into ice trays and freeze it. So whenever I am cooking I can just pop out a couple squares and put it in my beans or whatever else I'm cooking, also it is very strong so be ware of how much use. I usually just eye it though.
Then a Ham/Smoked Turkey Wing, For this I used huge Smoked Turkey Wings.
Chopped Onions
Chopped Peppers
Little More Garlic

Let it slow cook overnight in the crockpot.
Then put it in cooking Pot.
Add Tomato Sauce
Some slices of coldcut ham if you want
Little bit of starch if you want a little creamier.
Dash of sugar for sweet love.
After all that it should look like this

Chicken Breast Cut up Boneless. Either you can buy it boneless or buy huge breast with the bone and cut the bone out yourselves and cut it into pieces that fit your liking
Olive Oil
Adobo(All purpose)
You can let it season overnight while the beans are cooking overnight.
Take it out when its done, add a little sriracha, mix it all in
It'll look like this

Cook it on a Non stick Princess House Pan (yes I am helping my friends business sell, she sells Princess House :) )
COOKING SECRET Once you turn on your stove and its heating it up add a bit of sugar to the pan and once the sugar caramelizes then put the chicken on it. It adds a very nice Sweet taste to the chicken and I give you my word you will LOVE IT



I think I got it all, I don't believe in the whole 3\4this and half cup this. I work by using my eye cause I've been cooking for awhile. so I don't know what 2 1/2s cup of chopped onions are. Just chop some dang onions and put it in, if its too little to your liking add more. It doesn't have to be exact of what I put in.

Next I will show you how to make Puertorican Empanadas :) PR Empanadas are Way better than Jamaican, Cuban, Mexican all of them. Puertorican Empanadas are by far the best.

Enjoy! If you don't feel like waiting a night to cook, you can do the chicken in the same day, letting it season overnight doesn't add TOO much more flavor just makes it more lasting inside the chicken and its a really good chicken that is really fast to make.

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I want me some Arroz con gondules
That is also in my plan of making as well as Arroz con Sachichas (Vienna Sausages) Arroz con Gandules is usually always made for big holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas and stuff, I probably won't make that again until probably 4th of july haha

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I also love pollo ge-saldo (i can't spell it) but its like the chicken and potatoe over white rice
yeah this is pre pollo ge sal if you wanted to make that all you would do is add potatoes a few extra ingrediants and dump the chicken in the beans and bam.
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