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Crazyguy's 03 Eclipse Spyder GT

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under construction

Previously owned a 99 2g that slowly succumbed to the harsh winter life here. Joined here looking for a well-cared for pre-owned car. Rather hard to find to locally as every one I found was abused, rusted, or was not well cared for.
Found one from out of state, never saw a winter. Car is a perfect clean slate for me to make my own. I want something clean and refined, no expense spared, but safe for daily driving as well

Depo projector headlights
smoked front signals
smoked rear marker/reverse lights
smoke LED 3rd brake light
LED tail lights
Black bumper vents
DDM 55w 6k HID headlight
DDM 35w 6k HID Fog light

Pink and white LED conversion gauges and accessories
Pioneerx2600bt with by-pass
JL Audio
JX3604 amp
JL C2 650 component fronts
JL C2 690 co-axial rears
Audio Pipe 1500w amp and American Bass 12" XFL yet to be installed

Tein S Tech springs
Kyb AGX struts
Energy Suspension upper motor mount and lower bushings 5.1104r
Prothane transmission mount 13-503
Prothane lower motor mount 13-509
Moog front / rear end links K7430/K7431
Energy Suspension polyurethane front sway bar bushings
Energy Suspension polyurethane rear sway bar bushings
Energy Suspension polyurethane control arm bushings 5.3136r
Megan racing front lower tie bar
Megan racing rear lower tie bar
OEM front strut bar
Drilled/slotted rotors with black zinc coating
Hawk HPS pads front/rear HB435F.622 /HB367F.585

18" wheels
Cooper Zeon ZPT 225-40-18

Black powder coated cold air intake
Optima red top battery
New custom re-built transmission
All gaskets, seals, plugs, wires, cap/rotor,radiator,timing belt etc repalced to OEM or better
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Thanks I have a lot more to share but this forum software isnt liking me too much. I just hosted everything to photobucket and trying to do this in segments is utterly slow. Something about hitting the "save" after making an edit, it just times out and I have to restart

Did all the maintenance first.
Fresh tune up including NGK wires and plugs/ front and rear valve gaskets/4 denso o2 sensors/TPS sensor/timing belt and water pump/distributor cap and rotor/ Denso fuel pump and sock
also painted front valve cover to match
added a cold air intake in place of the k&n drop-in that I currently had

From this

To this

Next I changed the suspension. Looks wayy to high to be sexy. Worried about saggy rear springs, I went with the same set up I used for my 2g, AGX and TEIN struts and springs that a member here helped me out with.


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Love the clean look. and future plans for it?
After the lowering, I have 18" wheels and tires to put on, but I am waiting till later. I think it looks amazingly well on these 17s. They are by far, the best condition stock wheels I have ever owned that did not start off as brand new.

Installed 1 of the 2 prothane motor mounts for the front lower and rear lower mounts.

Next on the list was talking to a vender here for a complete lighting kit.
I wanted the depo/sonar package.
I bought

Sonar led tailights & Smoked rear corner lenses

Smoked front corner lenses

Sonar/depo headlights with the ccfl halo

DDM Tuning H1 6k hid kit for the headlights and fog lights

Smoked 3rd brake light ( vendor still owes me , out of stock )

Also had to do something about that paint. It was in perfect shape, just needed loving. You can see the swirls in the clear from lack of wax or polish over the years.
I spent 2 days with the DA working in polish and wax. Turned out great

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All that is left for now, is to organize this thread a bit, add some more before and after photos etc ( mods feel free to edit as needed)

As far as future plans for the car, I just would like to get my rims on. I need to finished modifying the rear to accept my camber brackets. I dont want to chew up my tires as I am on my stock wheels.
After that, just need to look into getting my audio done. I would like a clean install that also allows me use the trunk. Something that can fit under where the top is stored.
I also have a gsx that is primary focus and need to get back to

edit realized my pic sizes are outta whack will try to re upload and re edit the thread as well
Thanks for all the kind words

I just realized my hosting site uploaded my pics in 2 sizes, normal and monster sorry
Paint looks awesome now, keep up the good work!
You are making great progress. Rare to see someone mod cleanly right out the gate. :yesway:
Clean stocker ;)

Think I am done for now. Camber brackets installed. had -3* camber, tires squatted in the rear looks "stanced" but not my taste. I had it aligned. Almost perfect camber before I ran out of toe. How is that possible? Maybe they make an aftermarket arm I can use. As it sits now I am extremely happy. Only thing I noticed about having the camber back to almost zero is that major, I mean major, pot holes or bumps and the tire hits the lip inside the top of the fender in the rear. My 2g had almost rolled fenders from the start. The 3g , a little resemblance in the front, not soo much in the rear

Now I just want to clean up this thread, make it look like the COTM thread and resize/host the pics so its easier to follow

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Wow very clean beginnings. Kudos:yesway:
Man you have done a great job so you make me waht to look into lowering's the ride quality?
Thanks everyone.
I been using Meguiar's Ultimate Polish and Meguiar's Ultimate NXT 2.0 wax.
But that's only because it's a readily available. If I have time to wait and order, I'll get Zaino products.

Soo what's next. Apparently there isn't anything "performance" besides headers, cat-back and a tune.
I don't see the need for headers and cat-back yet. Don't really need another loud car. If I was to supercharge or turbo , then yes As it is now N/A, I don't think the butt dyno would notice the difference with headers and cat-back

I do want to get a stock 03 gts bin file and load it up to the free tuning software. See what I can do with a stock bin file before I order the tuning cable.
Soo what's next. Apparently there isn't anything "performance" besides headers, cat-back and a tune.
I don't see the need for headers and cat-back yet. Don't really need another loud car. If I was to supercharge or turbo , then yes As it is now N/A, I don't think the butt dyno would notice the difference with headers and cat-back.

You could head over to Southern California where we have one of the best racing shops that can do a Machined Port Polish with a NEWEN Machine on your short block heads. It could be a good excuse to head over to California for Vacation. It is not cheap, but you DO get your money's worth for $1,500. That is what they usually charge on an EVO head for a precision machined port polish. You never want to do a port polish by hand, it could seriously be done poorly. These guys have the right tools for the job and their cars are built for drag racing. A 6G72 Port polish should be no problem for these guys.

With all the mods and a tune, you are looking at a +15-20 HP gain easy with the heads ported and polished.

Guess what? They also have a Facebook Page:

You just wont find a better race shop that can do this kind of work that I know of anywhere else in the country because they are using a NEWEN machine to make the port polish machined to perfection.

Get your headers, get your catback, then get your Port Polish and then re-tune.:yesway::yesway:
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