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Custom Box or 2 W3s for sale?

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Can anyone on here build a Custom ported box for 3 12's? I want tan suade as well if possible to match the interior. or is anyone selling a set of JL W3 V3 for a good price. i sold mine and it looks goofy having a t.v. and all that neons and stuff in the car and no tunes you know?

please lemme know.

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You would be better off trying to find someone local that would not have to ship a box big enough to fit 3 12s. Post up in the regional forums, and check any local message boards in your area.
where i live there is only one place around here to do that sort of thing and they charge way to much. ive built boxes before, but not to custom fit a hatch out of my league with this one. but ill keep lookin. and thank you for the input. im new to this forum. i signed up to see if anyone in my area is he heading to NOPI Ohio. plus ive got millions of questions on the eclipse.
This might be better off in the Audio forum.
If you can't do it yourself just face the music and pay way to much through the local shop, pay high shipping, or stick with a simple box for now.
idk..i might just pay out the @$$ to have it done...who knows
and thanks for the link too btw. much appriciated
hahaha thats screwed up
I can build the box for you.
Send me an email on my site
i sent an email to you
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