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custom stock rims

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i just PS this cause i would like to make it, so tell me what do u guys think?? should i try to make it?? and what color should i use for the rims??
(sorry my english is kind of short)



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buy new wheels!!! would probably be cheeper by the time you put all the time and money into customizing your stock ones....which by the way i dont like the looks of at all!
1. They are not rims, they are wheels.
2. I think you should fill the indents and paint the wheels gold. It would look mAd TiTe. Post up more pics when you're finished.
wow... i actually agree with the attention-whore for once. she is right.

for the time and money (to do it right) you could just buy a set of EVO wheels, and get pretty much the same feel, with better lines (thinner spokes, less weight, and the ability to put on larger brakes if you want.)

wheel work is hard, they abuse a wheel takes is alot more then just some custom body work, even bondo, will be destroyed in no time... you would need to recast a set wheel for it to last, and as soon as some of the bondi cam eoff (which it would) you would not be able to drive due to the misbalance of the wheels)

contrary to POPULAR belief....i do know what the hell im talking about!!! Its just more fun to pull off the dumb annoying blonde....:fawk: :wub:
1 - 3 of 34 Posts
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