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D2 Racing Coilovers and Springs

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Item #-D2-CH01

The RS coilover system is a 36 way dampner and rebound adjustable monotube full coilover system. The setup has seperate height and preload adjustments allowing for optimal adjustment and allowing full strut travel at all times along with pillowball upper mounts or top mounts*. Mounts are constructed of 6061 powder coated aluminum. Threads are teflon coated to prevent rust. Rebuildable and serviceable in the US.

MRSP: $1400

Your Price: 875
3 year extended warranty of $15

Item#: D2-SPCH01

D2 PRO lowering springs optimize and improving handling haracteristics and offer a reduction in ride height while maintaining exceptional ride quality through a progressive rate spring. All of our springs come with a lifetime warranty and are manufactured of 55 chrome silicon steel in an ISO 9001 and TUV approved facility.

MSRP: 200

Your Price: 180 Shipped
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well, this is as good a place as any to ask:

how do these compare to megans? they are in the same price range.. and aside from colors look to have the set up/parts.

i see they have the same camber adjustment (i like that) but seem to have MORE adjust-ability.

what is the spring and damper rate?
897 shipped
just got them installed today....

best 897 i ever spent. my stock shocks MAY have been pretty bead.. but the car rides SMOOTHER now. they stiff, but forgiving. hardest part is dialing in the ride height. i think, if you decided to drop them as far as they could go, you lay frame.... you aren't going anywhere, cause you wouldn't be able to pick it back up, but they can go LOW.

only real issue: i have a red car.. with purple shocks (and a blue intake.) my car is becoming a rainbow.
hmm... i am going to need a new sig pic....

i went low. it was TOO low. so i brought it back up. height is adjusted just by unlocking the jam nuts and then twisting.
oh ok my bad lol you said somethin bout it being hard to bring back up
either i mistyped or you misread. i did say the HARDEST part was adjusting. but it isn't hard.
and segway tot he next question:
How hard are they to install yourself?
EASY AS PIE. it my friend and i, about 4 hours to install all 4 coilovers, a fender, fender liner, front swaybar endlinks, and outer tierods. AND the fender was smashed... we had to persuade some parts under it, back to their original shape/position.

front installation is:
2 bigass bolts on the bottom
3 nuts up top
antiswabar linkeage nut.

rear is:
2 nuts up top
one bolt on the bottom

no spring compressors are needed or anything.
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on these exact coilovers. (on the second pic I am just came out of one turn and i am immediately switching to the other direction, he caught me right at the 0 point)
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i dunno what the drop is. i just played with the height, until i found that sweet spot, that looked the way i like it. and yes these replace you shocks, struts, springs, AND upper mounts (and the front upper mounts are adjustable ball joints, for camber adjustment)
i like them for DD, but i also like a really firm ride.
i have a spyder.. chassis flex is par for the course. (but i did notice LESS chassis flex when i installed the megan lower tie bars. :D )
That's why I was asking. I'm going to look into those lower tie bars then. The chassis flex is annoying when it happens, though the roads around here are pretty good, so it's not like it happens that much. When I was in Montreal though... :scared:
BUT it doesn't even phase the chassis twist. my front and rear still move independent of each other, but i can feel between the wheels, is tighter.

these plus the tie bars really made my car feel like a sports car.. and not a sloppy pig.
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