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=== Mod List===

-03/05 Front end Conversion.
-03/05 TYC Yellow Fog Lights.
-03/05 Black Housing Front Signals.
-WW Full Lip Kit. (2 Tone/Satin Black)
-1PC UTVProducts Billet Grille. (Satin Black)
-Swift Motorsports Hide Away Plate Holder.
-Sonar Projector Headlights. (CCFL Halo)
-First Gen Black TYC's.
-Smoked 3rd LED Brake Light.
-Smoked Neondials Reverse Lights.
-Switchback LED's in turn signals.
-6000K HID Kit.
-15% Window Tint on Triangles and Rear.
-New OEM Rear Bumper.
-LPC-x-W2 License Plate Light. (Cool White)
-Alloy Fuel Door. (Wrapped With Di-Noc)

-Full Black Interior Swap.
-Black Bride Fabric Armrest.
-Custom Carbon Fiber Passenger A-Pillar.
-Custom Carbon Fiber Triple Gauge Pod.
-Custom Carbon Fiber Center Console and Radio Bezel.
-Elite 10 Color Glow Shift Gauges. (Vacuum,Oil Press & Volt)
-Blue LED Conversion.
-MT Angel Gauges.
-MOMO Steering Wheel Hub Adapter.
-Shutt VNC Steering Wheel. (Carbon Fiber)

Wheels, Brakes and Suspencion
-D2 RS Coilovers
-MOOG Sway Bar Links all around.
-Lancer Evolution IX Brembos all around.
-Lancern Evolution DRT Cross Drilled/Slotted Brake Rotors.
-Lancer Evolution Russell Steel Braided Brake Lines.
-17" Lancer Evolution VIII Enkeis. (Powder Coated Semi Gloss White)
-Raybestos Ceramic Brake Pads.
-Hankook Ventus V12 Evo K110 235/45R-17 all around.
-White Knight Aluminum Valve Stem & Cap Kit.

-Optima Yellow Top.
-Red Prothane Motor Mount Kit.
-NGK Iridium Spark Plugs.
-NGK Spark Plug Wires.
-Skunk2 MegaPower Cat-Back Exhaust.

-Alpine SPR-60C
-Alpine SPR-69
-Alpine MRX-F65
-Alpine SWS-1241 x2
-Alpine MRX-M50
-Alpine CDE-9874
-Viper 791 XV 2 Way Car Alarm With Remote Start System

=== Future Mod List ===
<strike>-Evo Brembo Brake Swap</strike>
<strike>-03/05 Front end Conversion</strike>
<strike>-WW Lip Kit</strike>
<strike>-03/05 OEM Yellow Fog Lights</strike>
<strike>-Smoked 3rd LED brake light</strike>
<strike>-Black Housing Sonar CCFL Halo Projector Headlights</strike>
<strike>-Black Interior Swap</strike>
<strike>-D2 Coilovers</strike>
<strike>-Mitsubishi Evolution VIII Enkei Wheels</strike>
-Full Interior Carpet & Headliner Redo
-Bride Gias Low Gradation Racing Seats
-Boost or 6g75 Swap? :scratch:
-2 Tone (roof painted Black)

Links to all the updates with pictures on my thread.

Thanks for looking, critics & suggestions are welcome. :yesway:

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looks clean:yesway: I think you should have the SS lip kit, it looks badass with the 00-02 front bumper. Also, whats that white part sticking out under the bumper?

I know it does. I was thinking about getting the SS kit, but when I saw regulator's car with the WW kit on it, I kinda fell in :wub: with the WW kit so now Im a lil' and that white part sticking out, Its a piece of plastic thats attached to the aftermaket OEM bumper when I took it to the body shop to get it installed they forgot to cut it off :facepalm:

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I don't like the headlights, front decal, and exhaust. And the white strip sticking off your bumper.

But I like all the other mods :)
I dont like them either :lol: all those things were on the car when I bought it.. thats why in removing the decal, getting some new headlights, and uhm about the exhaust i might change the tip since I like the way it sounds. :yesway:

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I actually like the front turn signals. I should have bought those rather than illegally nightshading mine... lol. Willing to sell them??????
they look better in person trust me ;)
I had nightshaded OEM signals for a while too but thought this ones were
way better looking.
and nope sorry but I just bought them about 2 weeks

Lol, I have no idea why you kept it there ever since you bought the car. Lets just hope the paint didn't fade and their aren't any 'permanent' letters on there.
neither do I! haha I guess I never really payed that much attention to them until and yeah hopefully that won't happend :sweat:

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I like this picture if only there were no other cars there and the white thing on the bumper was gone. This out by mission somewhere huh?
haha I know right? :squint:
thanks man!
and nope its the street where I live in.
in Niles

You can buy them as a set with the same style for the rear turns/reverse for like 90 bucks:

00 01 02 MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE SMOKED SIGNAL+REVERSE LIGHT: eBay Motors (item 310242225033 end time Sep-16-10 18:22:45 PDT)
yup! thats where I got them from, I really like them too
total was: $88.95 shipped to my door :)
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