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This is a repost of a previous howto on how to remove the dash. The other thread lost it's images so I went and dug them up in google. Not all of the images were recoverable, and they aren't the original size. However I still find the information useful and thought someone else might as well.

I repeat, none of this is my content, I just got the images working again.

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People keep asking me how I get the dash pieces out and stuff so I figured, as long as I have it apart I might as well take pictures for everyone. I will also post this in the garage. I hope this helps someone.


To start, I find it easier to do the doors first so that when you are pulling out interior pieces, you do not bang the paint on the doors.

First you pull back the handle on the door and you will see a small screw. When you take that out the plastic piece behind the handle pulls forward and towards the dash to get it out over the handle.

Then with your fingers or with a flat head screw driver, pop off all four of the clips on the door handle on top and bottom.

Each of them will have a bolt under them that need to be taken out.(The bolt, not the screw.)

There is a screw on the back(towards trunk)

and the front of the door. These both need to be taken off and then you pull on the door from the bottom and you will pop off a bunch of clips and then you will be able to move the door panel like a horizontal door. When you try to take the door off you have to pull up and back towards the trunk to get the seal where the window goes out.

Don't forget to pull the window controls clip out before you pull the door away from the car.

Now pull off both of the A-pillar plastic covers. They are held on by clips.

Then pull off the fuse box cover and the similar piece on the passanger side. These are also held on by clips.

The center dash piece that goes around the CD player has two screws underneith it. Take those off and then pull from the bottom, the rest is held on by clips and it will pop right off.

Do not forget the plug in the back of the piece that works the hazards.

The next part I take off is the clock pod cover. To get this off you just pull towards you. This thing is a real bitch because there is no real place to get a grip on it but I assure you it does just pop off. It is held on by more clips.

Under the cover the clock pod is a box. There is a screw on either side of the box and then it comes right out.

There is a plug in the back of the clock pod that needs to be removed.

Further back on the clock pod plug is the connection to the center channel. This will need to be unpluged as well.

Then unclip the plug from the plastic and pull the speaker out of the car.

Then take out the 4 screws surrounding the stock cd player.

There are about 5 connections to the back of the cd player that will need to be taken off.

Make sure to pull all the connections forward so that you do not lose them behind the dash.

Next unscrew the 4 screws that hold the temp dials to the big dash piece. Leave this where it is for now because it doesn't move far.

The next thing I go to is the center consol. Lift the arm rest and pull up on the cup holders so that they pop out. These are held on by clips and this is also a pain to get out.

Under the cup holders you will see four screws and a cigarette lighter. You need to take off all four screws that are at the corners of the center consol. You also need to take the plastic wire holder off of the center consol that holds the lighter wires and disconnect the lighter. There are clips that you have to pinch to get the connections off the lighter. I pulled forever before I found that one out.

When you start to lift up the center piece make sure to unhook the mirror controls. Before you pull it out, us sporty guys atleast, you will have to pull the ebrake and put the shifter in (D)rive so that you can clear them with the plastic.

On the cubby hole part of the center consol you are going to have two screws and a snap clip(POS) on the driver side.

The same on the passenger. Take all these out.

Then unhook the lighter connection and the clip from the plastic that holds the lighter wires.

Then pull the cubby hole section out making sure the the shifter is still in (D)rive.

Next, I do the plastic around the drive shaft. There are 5 screws on the bottom of this piece and just feel around for the 4 on the bottom. The 5th one is above the ignition(key hole). Alsmost broke the plastic when I forgot to take this one out.

The bottom piece, after unscrewed, will unclip from the top and the top will just come off.

I then go below the drive shaft and take off the plastic that protects the drive shaft. There are four screws at the corner that hold this one.

There will be a metal plate under the drive shaft cover. Take off both screws and take this out.

Now for the guages. To get the cover off the guages it is a lot like the clock pods cover. You just yank forward on it and it pops off with clips.

Don't forget to unhook the dimmer switch before you pull it away.

There are 4 screws around the guage cluster that will need to be taken out and the guages will pull forward a little bit so that you can get to the back.

In the center of the back of the guages there is a clip.

There is one on the right.

And there is one on the left that all need to be taken out.

Here is a picture of the back of the guages so that you can see how these would go in and come off. I suggest laying the guages guage face DOWN on a cloth. I have heard horror stories of people shorting these out.

Next I go to the glove box. You can sqeeze either side of the glove box(they are cut so that you can) and pop the hangers out from their holes so that the glove box swings all the way down. It has cups on it that hang in the back, pull the glove box out.

Behind the glove box is a plastic cover with 4 screws. Two in the back as shown here where the holes are. Please ignore the hole and the glue lol I had a PS2 in there before.

If you lie on your back on the passenger seat with your head on the floor you will see the other two screws at the corners of the piece of plastic. Once you get those out pull the piece of plastic out.

If you look back up there again you will see this bright yellow cord with a red connector. This is the air bag and will need to be disconnected. This is one of the MAIN reasons we take off the battery terminal. If this catches a spark or something and blows, you are out a lot of money.

Still looking under there you will see 4 bolts on plates attached to this big bar that goes across this section. Take all these out because they hold the air bag in the car.

Then either push up from the bottom or pry from the top but the cover on the upper dash is held on by clips. This is another pain in the ass part because there is no real place to push from the bottom and the top...who wants to pry it?

When you finally get it pull it on out.

Now for the big dash piece. There is a bolt under the A-pillar plastic that we took off on the driver side.

There is another bolt on the bottom part of the big dash piece near where the fuse holder cover was.

There is a bolt and nut behind the guages on the dash.

There is another bolt to the bottom right of the stearing column on the bottom of the big dash piece.

There is another bolt under the A-pillar piece that we took off on the passenger side.

There is another bolt on the bottom right side of the big dash piece near the other cover similar to the fuse box cover.

There is one last bolt that is on the bottom left side of the glove box hole on the bottom of the big dash piece.

Don't forget to take out the fog light switch on the big dash piece.

The one thing you will find difficult when you try to pull this piece out is clearing the steering wheel. You can do two things. Most opt to get a steering wheel puller. I didn't want to deal with another air bag or go rent a puller. So what I did(and I didn't take pictures I forgot to when I started putting this back in.) I cut the flimsy piece of plastic under the steering column(you will see what I mean when you do it) and I would reattach it later with a small ovel piece of metal with two screw holes in it. It never has made a noise or anything. No after I did that I looked under the steering column and there are 4 bolts that you can take out and the steering column will fall down to your seat, making it easy to get the dash piece out and back in. Would be easier with the puller but I'm lazy.

Hope this helps some people.
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