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hey everyone

I thought i'd ask here as the Asec (if anyone remembers what that is LOL) is pretty dead these days. I have a 1999 Dodge Avenger with a 3.8L from a 2004 Galant (6g75). Car is running and driving. I have the ECU fooled into thinking its running the stock 2.5L (6g73).
Until recently there was no way to flash/tune the stock ECU. I found this place called:

They offer hand held tuners for my car {FINALLY} and also Eclipse/talons etc....
Anyway, so I bought the tuner and the owner of the outfit named Kevin says that I need a datalogger for the car.

The way their tuner works is this...
I have to drive the car around a data log it. Download logs onto my laptop. Open up tuner software and then make adjustments to the tune. Then flash the PCM with the tuner. I cannot tune the car while its running. Not a big deal, and certainly better than nothing. The car pings BAD! And definitely has little power after 4800+ RPM. I made a set of long tube headers for the car and have a ported 3.5L manifold and TB. I have a Walbro L255 pump, and an Aeromotive FPR. I have the fuel pressure at 40psi i think. I can't mess with timing so I am hoping to find some power here and there with the tuner.

Any recommendations for a good data logger?
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