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Digital Cable Box Question

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So I just recently updated to a new LCD for my bedroom. Vizio VW26L, 26 in, 720p. I got my HD box from Comcast yesterday and I can't believe how gorgeous the picture is. I got the TV mounted up on the wall this morning and I have all the wires running from the TV to the box on the table below. I really don't like this look at all. I want to find a way to put the box in the cabinet and hide the wires. Is there a wireless transmitter of some kind I can use to hide all these wires and, in a sense, make the TV wireless?
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wireless high def is just around the corner. I don't think there are any in stores yet. You can get a wireless connection for your standard channels.
just punch a hole in the wall and fish the cables through it. I won't trust wireless for displays.
Thats what I'm talkin bout

He may live in an apartment though and can not do that.
My wife freaked when she saw all the holes I punched in the wall for new a/c outlets, speaker cable and hdmi wall plates. I got the big thumbs up when done though.
just punch a hole in the wall and fish the cables through it. I won't trust wireless for displays.
yeah you have a point there
hmmm now I have an idea! :D

thanks alot guys
I made all my hole inside the holes of the wall mount.

If there is insulation in the wall it is a good idea to make the hole right next to the stud so that you can go between the insulation and the stud and not have to go through the insulation. I fished a combination wrench or something heavy with a piece of string attached through the wall.

I used "in wall rated" HDMI cables and power cables. They cost more but it is the correct way to do it and if something ever caught on fire it keeps the homeowners insurance happy. If you don't care about that I don't think it would hurt anything.

I used these also. They make everything look really clean and pro.
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