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2000-2005 Mitsubishi Eclipse - Exedy Clutch Kit

I need to put a new clutch in my car and I ordered this kit to have a mechanic put it in. After I told him i got it for $262 from a promo code and free shipping he thinks that it may not have everything needed. He told me 5 parts: The clutch, pressure plate, throw-out bearing, pilot bearing, and clutch alignment tool. I only count 4 pieces in the picture and i just recently ordered. Does this kit have everything that is needed to put in a whole new clutch? I need to know fast, thank you.

I'm sorry if i didn't search or whatever but I don't have too much time to cancel the order if it's wrong.

Also has anyone ever heard of this site right here? They have a big list and the clutch for my V6 2001 is only like $169....they say the kits come with everything but something just doesn't seem right.

Import Performance Parts - Exedy Clutch Kits
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