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Door panel paint job

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Just wanted to see what everyone thought about my new color scheme on my door panels. I went with a light metallic champaign. It was my first paint project but i think it came out well. Paint will look wetter when I wax in a day or two. I kept the texture look though. Ill post better pics later.

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Here are some better pictures outside in day light. Let me know what ya'll think.

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very nice! i like it! how easy did the door panels come off/on?
Door Panels are easy to remove. The prep work involved in doing this correctly is the hard time consuming part.

Let us know how they hold up.
You did good work. Looks great dude.
If you want a tip, throw a light coat of clear on that and it'll look more "wet" and protect it better.
wow looks very nice:yesway: wonder if i could do black if i have tan interior:dunno:
How did u prep the door panel for paint? What type of paint did you use? Does it hold well with the heat created in the vehicle? I was planning on painting my door panels the little center piece thats the length of the door and the piece that huge with the window controls red like the exterior of my vehicle.
Nice work, but not liking the color. I would have color matched it to the exterior.

+11ty billion to spraying clear too.
Looks good But I would halfta to agree on match color of exterior or any color scheme your aiming for
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