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Door won.t lock

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After I washed the car yesterday, the passenger door does not want to lock.
I tried with the fob and the key but no luck.
At first I thought it might have been water getting into the electrical parts so
I waited a bit for things to dry and then took off the door panel to see if I could find anything.

I can hear it making the clicking noise when I try to unlock it and the cable moves when I go to lock it with the key and the fob.

I took off the other door panel and the only thing I could find different was this little white piece that is connected to the lines. In the lock that does not work it seems to be broken off. when I go to lock the door the cable moves out but doesn.t lock the door.

Do I have to buy the entire lock set-up or can I just replace that plastic part or the wire itself?

Broken door with broken plastic piece

Door that works- plastic piece is not broken

(already searched but those who had similar problems never came back to write what they had done to fix it)
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If I remember right that black cord is pulled like your TB cable. If it is stripped or loose like I looks then when the key is turned to lock the car there is not enough tension on the wire to pull the lock over.
^ yeah thats whats happening

can I replace that single wire or does it come with the entire lock package?

JULY 20, 2008:

For future reference for those searching with the same problem, it turned out to be the lock actuator that had gone bad and caused the wire to not pull the lock open.

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