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Double Din

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So Crutchfield says there may be a "small gap" around most double din head units on the Eclipse. Worth worrying about, or does it look OK in most cases?

Thanks in advance.
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It looks alright to me. I was going to buy a double din nav/receiver this summer as well.
Thanks, which one are you looking at? I'm kinda leaning to the Pioneer AVH-P4000DVD, the touch screen controls look pretty easy to understand.
I'm looking for one more like Trurida's because of the rotary knob for the volume. I like knobs better than touching a screen for volume. Though touch is fine for every other feature.

Edit: Ah, i looked the one your thinking about up

It has the volume knob so woot.

I personally am leaning towards this one:
Very nice, but expensive. I want to pimp out the car for my daughter, not pimp out my daughter for the car.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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