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Drunkoffjuic's 02 GT

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Car Photos as of Summer 2015
Mod List as of 10/1/2015

Eclipse GT 5-Speed

Engine and Transmission
3.8L 6G75
Ripp Mod Headers (ceramic coated)
Stock 6G75 NM Camshafts
ARP Head Studs
Invidia Exhaust
Fidanza Flywheel
Clutchmasters FX200
Quaife LSD
Megan Short Shifter
Greddy Counter-weight Knob
Ingalls Engine Damper
Cut, Port & Polished 6G75 Upper Intake Manifold (Wrinkle Black Power Coated)
Port & Polished Diamante Lower manifold (Wrinkle Black Power Coated)
Evo S90 70mm Throttle Body
Polished 3000GT Fuel Rails
Subi Blue top 440's
3sx High Flow Fuel loop
Aeromotive A1000 FPR
Walbro Fuel Pump 255lph
Mishimoto Aluminum Radiator
Prothane Motor Mount Inserts
Speed Source Brass Shifter Linkage Bushings
Prothane Shifter Base Bushings
399 MAF
K&N 6 " MAF Adaptor
K&N Warm Air Intake
AEM 6" Air Filter

Suspension, Wheels, and Brakes
Megan Racing Coilover
Mogg Front Swaybar Endlinks
18” O.Z. Racing Crono HT (18x8 with +35 offset)
Hankook R-S3’s (225/40ZR18)
17" Kosei K1 TS (17x8 with +35 offset)
Yokohama Advan A048 (235/45R17)
DC Sport Rear Strut Bar
Evo 8/9 Brembo calipers (rebuilt and powder coated by Detective Coating)
Powerslot Rotors Cyro Treated
Hawk HP+ Pads
Stoptech SS Brake Lines
Suspension Techniques Rear Swaybar
Moog Sway Bar Ednlinks
Prothane Full Suspension Bushings

Audio & Electronics
Autometer 3 Gauge Pillar Pod
AEM UEGO Wideband
AEM Fuel Pressure
AEM Oil Temp
Panasonic CQ-VW100U Head-unit
Alpine 6 ½ Type R components
Alpine 6x9 Type R
Panasonic I-Pod connection
DEPO Black Housing
8000K HID’s
1st Gen TYC Black tail lights
Black LED 3rd Brake Light
Black Tinted Front Turn Signals
LED Replacement Interior Lights
Optima Red Top

Schroth 3-point harness
Evo 9 MR Recaro Seats
Wedge Engineering Seat brackets

Carbon Fiber Aero Falcon Spoiler
Grilcraft 5-piece Kit
Color matched: shift ring, door handle covers, sunroof switch cover
Carbon Fiber Arm Rest
De-Badged fenders & rear hatch
Blacked out corners Front & Rear
Redline tuning hood struts
Tearstone billet caps
Color matched (Eclipse) 2000 door sills
Chrome Bolts under the hood
Black Suede Headliner and Visors
Custom Optima Battery tray

All tuning done by Justin at Silvertune Performance.
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Neons, a tip, painted calipers, that's all i see.
Nice car, I dont agree wit the underglow tho..ricey IMO but everyone has their on style.

You should put a nice S-Tech drop wit sum AGX shocks on there. Debadge the V6 emblems...Get sum tinted corner front bumper lights....sum nice rims...and a GrilleCraft Grill would look nice too!
^^what he said
just dont go and start putting decals all over the car, keep it clean
looks good lower it with some wheels
It says you have Dunlop wheels but in the pictures above, you're still rockin' the Eagle RS-As.
I remember the good ol' eagle RS-A's....those things were absolute shit
I remember the good ol' eagle RS-A's....those things were absolute shit
my first thought about the car.
Nice, reminds me of when I first got my car :mecry: I don't mind the glow or anything, but you definately need rims and a drop. Then look into lips or something to pull it all together. Keep it up though man, looks like you take care of it.
not a big fan of the underglow but the car besides that looks great!!!
fucking spotless engine bay man, looks great. :yesway: whats the mileage on this thing?
Nice and clean, however I am not a fan of the Streetglow Neons.
clean stock car. lip kit and slam that shit. take off the neon lights and change that exhaust. invest in suspension first though; very first thing.
Very clean!:bigthumb:
Because this was my 2nd post on my Members Ride thread, this will be where i have old photos from when first got the car and beyond.

(3/28/07) ::UPDATE::

Ok so here are some updated photos of the car all nice and cleaned/waxed. I had time to do it this weekend, and it came out great!! I tried my best with the light i had. Tell me what you guys think of the car with the drop as well!

New pics:

Old pics:


Painted calipers
K&N Typhoon CAI
Streetglow Neon
Stock wheels w/ Dunlop tires
Megan short shifter
Eibach Pro-kit

Audio upgrades:
Panasonic CQ-VD6503U
Alpine SPR-69LP 6X9's
Alpine SPR-17LS 6 1/2's

Up and coming Mods:
Invidia N-1
Grillcraft Black

Please leave any feedback you wish. Suggestions are welcomed.

Finally got my AGX's all around and the Eibach pro kit yesterday. And i got it all for only $350!!!! from some guy on ebay, said he just had them sitting around collecting dust. He also said he bought them from someone on this site!!! Going to throw them on in a week or 2. Me and my buddy are doing it. I just have to buy him a case of beer. So if anyone has any tips on the install, please PM or post.
Next to come is: Invidia N-1, and Grillcraft Black( seen the group buy)
Thanks for you feedback keep it coming

Oh and by the way, i bought it with 38,000 in march and i now have around 48,000. Mind you i also took a 3000 mile road trip this summer.
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oh yeah, and by the way i had the goodyears on, but i had one of my friends drive my car for a few days, the day i got it back he said that he was doing burnouts with it. I also felt this huge flat spot on the tires once i drove it again. He helped buy me new ones, and i needed them anyway. Only thing is i had to get all season tires, ended up with Dunlop. ill get a new set with new rims next summer!
what do you mean by "tinted corner front bumper lights" nd how can u saftly remove the v6 emblems?
ok so i have called up a few places to try and get these KYB's and springs installed. But they want way to much; 6 hours at $90 p/h + $150 to get it aligned. My friend is like not going to help anymore. "has no time" Anyone know of a cheap place to get them put on in Chicago??
installin that is so easy. I took off my tein soilover setup yesterday and reinstalled it in less then 30 minutes on each side. its really simple man.
i like the underglow, you hid the tubes under the car really well. i was thinking about doing something similar to my car. were they hard to install?
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