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Hello I have been here for a while now, and have my eclipse for 4 years now.

I am Max Jager and I am from Holland.
In Holland the 3G eclipse is a very rare Car, but I liked it so much that I have bought one.

I would say a lot of thx to Danger Danj (David nolan jr.). (former galant 8g) without his help I would never have the eclipse like it is now!!!!

well after a little accident last year, my car is under huge constuction now.

here a pic of last year

time by time I fixed some stuff. and ordered lots of stuff from the USA.
almost everything I wanted on my car is ordered now.

than December 2010 I brought my car to the Body Shop!
where I stripped my Car, and the body kitt gets installed
WW frontlip + SS skirts and rear lip

Well Today (19-01-2011) I have seen my car for the first time resprayed!!

well now it is almost time to rebuild the Eclipse, and install everything I have bought now!

ICE (audio)
-Pioneer f900bt HU
-Focal 2 AWG cabel set (very nice cable)
-Audison S210 speaker wires (all wraped in snake skin cover and heat shrinked ends)

-Rockford Fosgate composet T-1652s (front)
-Rockford Fosgate T-1693 (rear)
-Rockford Fosgate P-3 D410 (subwoofers) 2x
-Rockford Fosgate T-4002 (ampilifier for the composet)
-Rockford Fosgate T-1000 (amplifier for the subs)

-New Color mitsubishi A98 (glamour gray)
-Facelift to 03-05 front (complete conversion)
-welded out the antenne
-Shine Street, Rear lip and side skirts
-Wings West front lip
-aluminum gas door
-black Depo headlights
-smoked Depo front corners
-smoked Depo rear corners
-smoked Depo 3rd brake light
-Vis racing CF hood
-TYC black rear lights (1st ones)

Waiting to spool
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When you said "bodykit" I cringed, but then realized you knew exactly what you're doing. :yesway: Looks great!

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Damn! Beautiful Color, Great choices in kit, Sick Hood, Get some better wheels, Drop your car, and don't do a single thing to that bish(aesthetically), and you got one hell of a damn car

R.I.P. silverside
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It's coming along nicely.
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