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This thread is mainly intended for Dyno results. Post your dyno results, your list of performance mods only, location and possible the temperature and huimidity at the location. Along with that also post Trim of the car, Type of transmission and if you had done anything to reduce weight or increase weight (stereo, custom interior, etc)

If any one has questions about a particular Dyno, please PM the member with the same.

No requests for a dyno with particular mods. It is going to be difficult for a multiple people to have the same combination of mods as you want.
Also, tuning plays a key role. It is possible that two members with the same mods produce way different results.

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Here is the Florida Dyno leaderboard.

255.2WHP & 267.8WTQ - Rulez - 2000 Fed Spec 5spd GT, xtech Turbo @ 5.8PSI, Greddy Evo CB, Apex-i S-AFC, Proflow Bored TB
253WHP & 251WTQ - Tearstone - 2002 Cali Spec Sporty GT, xtech Turbo @ 5.8PSI, Magnaflow CB, Apex-i S-AFC, Proflow Bored TB
210.1WHP & 219.1WTQ - Chris - 2000 Fed Spec RS, 16G Turbo @ 10psi
189WHP & 187WTQ - Flytrap - 2003 Cali Spec 5spd (GTS), AMSS Headers, Injen CAI, Custom CB Exhaust, S-AFC
182.1WHP & 185.9WTQ - CubanB - 2000 Fed Spec GT 5spd, AEM CAI
181WHP - 03Spyder - 2003 Cali Spec 5spd (GTS), STOCK
170WHP - OrlandoGT - 2000 Fed Spec Sporty GT, Greddy Evo CB, Ghetto Filter
164WHP - KeithGT - 2000 Fed Spec Sporty GT, AEM CAI
160.7WHP & 166.3WTQ - Warsheep - 2000 Fed Spec Sporty GT, K&N Intake, Magnaflow catback.
126WHP & 140WTQ* - 3GwithVolks - 2000 Fed Spec 5spd RS, Injen CAI, HKS Axle Back, Tuned S-AFC

Count to One...
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2002 GT 5spd
192whp, 198 TQ, 56degrees F
-AMSS Gen 2 Headers,
-Borla Catback
-HKS S-AFR, Tuned to 13.5 AFR

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117.2HP 136Tq
03 GS with CAI and Magnaflow cat back.
Also has 18"wheels and 13" baer brakes which I am sure hurt my numbers.

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2000 GT 5 SPD FED
184.2 HP / 186.6 TQ

Injen WAI
AMSS headers with testpipe
ASP underdrive crank pulley
MAS screw out

location: Atlanta, GA

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00 GT sporty
SDS stage 1.5 (for now), with meth injector
Ripp headers (the new ones)
custom made 2.5 inch exhaust pipe
Bomz GT II spec Muffler
272.9 WHP
234.5 Torque

Wheel Man
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2003 GTS Eclipse
5 Speed
Nology Plugs & Wires
K&N Cold air intake
Ripp Mods Headers (No Cats)
5 Zigen Exhaust
Royal Purple Motor Oil
91 Octane w/ Octane boost
No internal mods were done to this motor!

Dynapack dynamometers was used for this test.
Given that this is a racing program we will continue to tune this motor and the combination for max TQ/HP. We are certain we can pull more TQ/HP out of it.

The 3.0 V6 put out 231.8 WHP @5869 and 221.3 ft/lbs @ 4303.
Thank you,

350Z (Z33)
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03 5-speed GTS
178whp & 178lbs of torque
Injen CAI
Magnaflow Catback
IN, 70F

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01 Stratus R/T
Stage 3 SDS

368hp/378tq w/ nitrous

Will do much better next time out as I had some issues that are now fixed.

Pee in the sink
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2001 GT
Injen RD CAI
Apex'i N1 3" CB

170.9 hp @ 5160rpm
196.3 ft/lb tq @ 4080rpm

Pann Auto
7960 Ronson Rd
San Diego, CA 92111

Dyno Dynamics Dynojet
74 Degrees

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2001 GT 5spd
Aem Intake (Shorty-Style)
RPW Street Headers (Longer Tube Design)
Catco HFC
Magnaflow Catback
S-AFCII tuned 12.9 : 1 (running leaner only netted me only 2+ hp so I richened a bit)

AWD Dynojet by TurboTrix Racing
Max HP: 184
Max Tork: 185
Uncorrected Numbers
Conditions: 67.5 F
Humidity: 27%

I have my baseline dyno from DRT Racing, I'll post the results here when I find it.

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2001 Eclipse GT Cali Spec 5 Speed
Injen CAI
Greddy Evo CB
XIR headers with no cats
ACT Clutch
Clutch Masters lightweight flywheel
Deyeme firm front and rear mounts

SAE Horspower/Torque: 188.2 / 188.4 ft-lbs

These were the final numbers after a few runs tuning the SAFC. It was tuned at TPS in West Palm Beach, Florida. It was about 90 degrees that day.

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2002 Eclipse GT mt 278.5WHP & 236.7WTQ @6psi

Vortech V5 G Trim
RIPP Gray Box
RIPP 04 Blow off valve
RIPP Full length headers
NGK plugs
36" resonator
Magnaflow cat-back
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