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ECU swap help

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I read through the whole ecu swap sticky, but its really hard to get a definitive answer!

So I have a 2000 A/T Fed spec, i did a 5-speed swap but i didnt swap my ecu out at all. Is there any way to swap the fed spec AUTO ecu to a flashable ecu??
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i believe you need a different cam reluctor and a 01+ ecu. An 02 just to be safe cuz of the cutoff date. I forget when
i dont think its that easy, thats why i was asking. What about the immobilizer?

Since i'm an auto ecu but i have a 5-speed, should/would i get a 5-spd harness for the ecu or what? Or would just getting the 5-spd ecu/immob work?
I know the Spyders had the "some 01s work, some do not" issue (pre 6/00 build doesn't flash but 7/00+ builds do flash). Not sure if that was the case with the coupes or not. I do think you will need a new 00 immob or an 01+ immob. I think the 00 immobs can only be flashed once where as newer units can be flashed/syncd thousands if not millions of times. I can't help in regards to the reluctor. I didnt have that issue.
i'm waiting to hear about the auto to manual as well
FYI, if your running a 5spd. you'll need a 5spd ECU, no question! Whats changed or are you changing? Also must be GT for GT if your only trying to get it to run and not worring about flashing! Flashing, well that another story!
Good luck........
we have that part, every thread says that much...but do we need the 5spd harness as well?
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