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These are the available and most up to date definition files for the ECUFlash software.
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These include:
01 Eclipse GS AT 85850013
01 Eclipse GS MT 96510009
01 Eclipse GT AT 86720008
01 Eclipse GT AT 86720009
01 Eclipse GT MT 96720008
01 Eclipse GT MT 96720009
01 Eclipse GT MT 97800006
02 Eclipse GS AT 88930010
02 Eclipse GS MT 98950010
02 Eclipse GT AT 88840009
02 Eclipse GT AT 88840009-2
02 Eclipse GT MT 98850008
02 Eclipse GT MT 98850010
02 Eclipse GT MT 98870010
03 Eclipse GS MT 90920006
03 Eclipse GT AT 80940004
03 Eclipse GT MT 90950003
03 Eclipse GT MT 90950004
03 Eclipse GTS AT 87550014
03 Eclipse GTS MT 97560014
03 Eclipse RS/GS MT 90920009
04 Eclipse GS MT 94830008
05 Eclipse GT MT 94450007
05 Eclipse GT MT 96590007
05 Eclipse GTS AT 86620007
05 Eclipse GTS MT 96600007
01 Galant ES AT 85850013
03 Galant ES AT 80890008
01 Stratus RT AT 85120031
01 Stratus RT AT 85120032
02 Stratus RT MT 99320010
03 Stratus RT AT 81000005

If you have a ROM with an ID number that isn't listed, please send it to me so I can create a definition file and add it to the collection.

Here is my current collection of ROMS. These include all of the Eclipse, Galant, Stratus and a few EVO to mess around with.

***WARNING*** Do not flash any of the ROMS below to your ECU. I provide them for reference only. The only ROM that should ever be flashed to your ECU is the ROM that you read from the ECU that is currently installed in your car.

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Ok Flash, basic question for you. I downloaded the lasest version of ECUflash have the the 3 GT hex files that I can open and view. Where can I get some of the 4cyl and evo hex files to take a look at those maps.

How exactly are the definition files used?

Thanks for the good work.

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The definition files allow ECUFlash to view the parameters on the hex file or ROM. Without the definition file for the ROM you are trying to view, you won't be able to modify it.

You download the file I posted and copy the contents to
C:\Program Files\OpenECU\EcuFlash\rommetadata\mitsubishi\eclipse or wherever you have your ECUFlash software installed.

I posted plenty of ROMS in the first post. Download Mitsubishi

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should I get the cable??

FlashBlueRS said:
If you have the cable, send me the ROM and I'll make one.
Wouldn't her '01 have the ECU for older "Federal" Specification?
Does this mean the Fed. Spec. can be reflashed?
....I've been waiting for news on my 2000 GS in the other thread....

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Just so everyone is clear, the list of cars at the top are not the only cars that can be flashed. That is just a list of cars that the owners have purchased a flash cable and have sent me their ROMS. So, if your car isn't on the list and you have a flash cable, read your ECU and send me your ROM so I can make a definition for it.

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I have an 00 and 01 AT ECU for a GS and an RS respectively. I definitely need the Reflash to fix the tune for my SDS. I hadn't purchased the cable yet, because I thought that the software wasn't compatible with those year ECUs. Are you saying that by simply creating a ROM file for it, we'll be able to use other year ECUs? I've read through most of the main reflash thread and seem to have misunderstood.

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ROM files are not created, they are just copies of the ECU code. Definition files are what need to be made. ECUFlash won't work on the fed spec ECU because it has a different processor, but it will work on 01. I don't have an 01 RS definition available because no one has sent me a ROM for that vehicle, so I can not create a definition file for it. Once a definition file is made for a vehicle, you can then use ECUFlash to flash your ECU.
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