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Emergency flashers and horn

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Well i just bought a 2000 Eclipse GT with the 3.5 swap. Eveything is fine but for some odd reason i can not get the horn, or the emergency flashers to work??
Ive checked fuses, and there good. also when i press the horn you can here the horn relay click.
I checked both horns the "alarm" and regular horn and there plugged in, i also checked the plug on the emergency flasher switch and its plugged in.

Oh and the turn signals work all the way does anyone else know any ideas of what can be wrong? SHould i try replacing the horn relay even tho you can hear it clicking? Doe teh Horn relay have anything to do with the flashers?
I really need help because im tryin to program my keyless entry remote!

Oh and i did search, and i couldnt find anything about my problems with the words: flasher, emergency, horn, signal, and etc. lol

Thanks to anyone who helps

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never mind i found a thread for the horn, and the flashers are working now. The switch was bad.
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