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engine blocks

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Are the 1 gen. and second gen. engine blocks swap able, or what are the problems i may run into? In my own research i have come to the conclusion that the 1 gen. engine block is better in two ways, the internals are better and there is the less chance of getting crank walk. i have both engine blocks and i am just wondering if the 1 gen. will work with my 2g eclipse and its transmission.
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Yes the blocks are swappable. using a 6 bolt is recommended over 7 but they will be more expensive due to no risk of crankwalk (which is entirely over dramatized )
Yes the 6bolt will work all you will need is the 6bolt flywheel also. Along with that the 2g intake manifold and the exhaust manifold are recomended. If you are going to do the swap you will also have to rewire the crankangle sensor and the cam angle sensor on the motor into the cam angle sensor on the wiring harness. You will also have to swap a few ECU pins for the swap to be complete. Or you could completely remove the 2g harness and replace it with a 1g harness. The best place to do your research is at and just search "6bolt swap". Here is a few links that I found helpful.

6bolt swap


Also if your are doing a complete rebuild it would be worth it to replace your 6bolt pistons with the 7bolt pistons. Almost are your questions can be answered at,, and
Ummmm that might be really really hard. I mean REALLY hard.
thank 01'3ggt, you post is very helpful. im swaping the blocks and my auto to manuel this week. i am using the 2g head and intake. does any one see any problems in this. Can i just swap the block and keep all the 2g engine parts(head transmission and intake.
Theres a few difference and problems you will run into
one is the 6/7 bolt
second is the trannies wont bolt up
could have a 95 motor with a 93 head, this fixes some hose connections/raidator
93 motor doesnt have oil lines for turbo while 95 does, so you would need a oil cooler kit

theres just a bunch of extra stuff to make it work, now if ur talkin about putting it into a 3g, thats a different story. This is just what I learned from my friend tryin to replace is motor in his 1G but this dumb company gave him a 95 block that has potential to work till it came down to the tranny for his 93 1G.
3g engines are diffrent nothing is changeable to the 2g, 3g guys can swap evo 4-7 head for a stroked dohc evo engine.
can i use the 2g head i have it bolted on right now on the 1g block
well in my research all the trannys are the same its the flywheel that you have to swap out. theres obviously a difference between the 6 and 7 bolt flywheels but theres also a difference between the awd and fwd flywheels. And also reading at dsmtuners the 7 bolt head on the 6bolt block isnt a real good idea. its better to use the 6bolt head and rewire the cam angle senor and the crank angle sensor to the harness. but like i said before the intake and exhaust manifolds will be good to use. heres also another link i found for you and your quest for a motor swap.

Also one thing wasnt cleared up yet donald. Are you trying to put this in a 3g body?
no i am not putting this in a 3g. the engine orientations are opposite 2gs are left side and 3g are right side of car. so 3g head swap wont work, though i do have a 3g eclipse 2001 spyder
so hows everything goin bro. im about to drop my motor back in tomorrow. did you start yet?if you havent the best of best advice i can give is to label everything and make sure all the bolts are grouped together. well sorry for hijacking your thread.
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