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Engine problem

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Hello everyone,

Well i think i will have to send my car to the dealership because of this weird issue i am having. Since there is no harm in posting, i thought ill try posting my issue here and maybe someone (with a similar issue) could help me solve it.

I've just bought my 2001 Eclipse GS.
Before buying the car it ran fine without any problems, after buying it its had this problem that to this day i can't solve my self.

If i drive the car nice and slow with very slow acceleration the car runs perfect but the minute i gun it (floor the gas paddle) it sputters like hell. Meaning if press the gas paddle hard it it feels like someone is holding the car back but if i slowly accelerate it accelerates fine. To this point i have tired replacing the spark plug wires and the spark plugs with oem parts to no avail.

any suggestions what i can do and or check before sending it to the dealer?

ps. i have used numerous fuel injector cleaner, intake manifold cleaner with little to no effect. i did notice that about 2 weeks after replacing the plugs that they were pretty dirty (black)
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sounds like a misfire for sure, is the engine light on?
are all the plugs dirty? If so I would guess either MAFS or o2 sensor, but I never had that problem so...
Mass air flow sensor would be a guess, making it dump a lot of fuel.
make sure your clip on the mas is plugged in all the way and start with a tune up
thx some quick reply :D

Yes the SES light is on, would there be anyway to check the MAF? i read somewhere about using electronic cleaner, would this help?

would a MAF sensor cause the car to sputter?
whats the code?
don't know the code yet, i have to take it to the dealer, i know that in the states you just go to a NAPA or Autozone but here you can't not many people have the obd2 reader, with my 99 civic i could just jump 2 wires and get a reading by looking at the blinking SES light is there a way to do that with the eclipse?
Is your stock intake pinned down? Those pins break off sometimes and ur scoop sucks the top of the hood when you gun it.
Air filter new/clean too?
are all the plugs dirty? If so I would guess either MAFS or o2 sensor, but I never had that problem so...
Mass air flow sensor would be a guess, making it dump a lot of fuel.
I'd have to agree with these two, for a start.

And get that code checked

OR, if the O2 sensor is messed up, it could be causing you to have a maxed out fuel trim, one way or the other. That can cause problems when you go WOT. I'm not 100%, but I'm pretty sure that if your trims are maxed one way or the other, it will affect Open loop operations. That would explain the difference between light accel and heavy accel.
Your symptoms make me think misfires from oil leaking into the spark plug tube due to faulty seals. They are the cheapest part to replace so lets hope that is the issue. I guess spraying the MAS probe with electronics cleaner could help too but the quickly declining performance of the engine makes me think oil on the sparks.

I see this being the situation: Seller wants to get rid of car but car is misifiring, bogging, etc. Seller replaces spark plugs and performance is increased. Buyer drives and likes car so he pays for it. Within a couple days of driving the oil starts seeping into the spark plug tubes again and prevents spark.

Definately get the code/s checked. Everything posted here is pure guess work until we know what code/s you are throwing.
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