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Hi there.I'm planning to rebuild my 2000 Eclipse 4g64 engine.Here in Hungary,there are no parts for that,not even a timing belt kit.Maybe i can find an oil filter and spark plugs i'm looking on Ebay for parts.And i found some.An engine rebuild kit from sunny California for the 4g64 engine.Costs 280 bucks.
Engine Rebuild Kit Fits 99-05 Mitsubishi Eclipse Galant Dodge Chrysler 2.4 4G64
My question is,is this kit ok?I mean for the quality.Planning to put a turbo on it after that so wont't be cool if the engine will be blowing up on the first dyno run.
There's a video on Youtube,where a guy is talking about his 3G Eclipse. It has a full stock engine and a turbo and brings 350 HP to the wheels.That would be great for me,too.
The rebuild kit does not contain conrods and valves.I'll looking for new ones too.
Any suggestions what else i will need for the rebuild?Thanks for the help and have a nice day.
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