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Evo 8 Intake Manifold.

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I just received my evo 8 Intake manifold. I have a hyundai throttle body and it actually bolts up. I dont know if the sensors would work but does anyone know if it will. Maybe some one on the boards can clarify this. I actually have a complete hyudai intake manifold and throttle body I also have the egr valve and everything else. I know the intake manifold wont work. Well talk to you guys later.
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So no one has any insight on this?
I always wondered if the hyundai manifold would work. We already know the evo one does not bolt up. Is the flange that bolts to the head different from the hyundai to the evo one?
The evo intake manifold does fit on the hyundai head. The thing is that I have a hyundai Throttle Body and it bolts up to the evo manifold. I actually have all the sensors that go on the hyundai manifold. I just dont know if the sensors work. Thats what I was wondering. There are 4 pins on the hyundai TPS. The egr fits but I believe that there might be some clearance issues with the vacumm line but I can just cut some lines and put some elbows in there. Well I hope I can get some insight on this.
the hyundai manifold bolts up fine but i dont think it will fit between the head and the firewall on the eclipse, it fits my galant fine tho

and no the hyundai throttle body wont work without modification to the IAC motor off the top of my head the hyundai IAC motor has a 4pin pigtail and the evo/eclipse/galant has a 6 pin pigtail, also the hyundai TPS is 4 pin ours is a 3 pin connector im sure you could probably make it work if someone has the FSM for the sonata

here is a picture of the evo TB on a hyundai intake manifold

here is a picture of the hyundai motor if you zoom in you can see the hyundai IAC Tear Down/DSCN2635.jpg
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