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Exhaust Upgrade.

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I'm planning on upgrading my exhaust soon. Looking at the RPW equal length header for my GS. Thinking about going 2 3/4" pipe from the header back, then a custom y-pipe, and dual carbon fiber mufflers from HKS. Not planning on any cat, resonater, or flex joint at this point. Give me your opinions.
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i htink you should run a cat, a flex-pipe and at least 1 good size resonator :bigthumb:
What high flow cat would you guys suggest?
So does the other stuff look good? I mean as far as the piping size and the mufflers? And also...when you order the RPW Race Header from Tearstone...does it include the flex-joint pipe as well?
Is 3" pipe to big for a naturally aspirated engine with basic mods? (Header and intake)
a greddy evo2 exhaust is perfect sized for you
I'm running duals right now with 2 1/2" piping. I just want to install a new header and mufflers with slightly bigger pipe. I wanted to use 2 3/4" pipe but the mufflers piping diameter is 2 2/5" (60mm). And the cat I was wanting to use from Random Technologies is 2 3/4". After further reading I realized the RPW race header from Tearstone did include the flex-joint pipe.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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