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So I have been running Eyefinity on my desktop since I made it three years ago. For me to get it working on a limited budget after I spent the rest of it on 3 very nice monitors I had to use a good mix of adapters to make all 3 monitors usable in eyefinity. Recently with all the adapter weight and such I had to switch to one fluent cable. So I got 2 mini-dp to HDMI cables.

From what I understand Eyefinity can work even with all DP. Currently though I have 2 mini-dp to HDMI, and an HDMI hooked up and I can only use two monitors at a time. (all 3 are recognized, but even the windows resolution center will only let one of the mini-DP's work at a time)

Running Windows 8.1, and the latest Catalyst control center, also tried the latest beta.

Just wondering if anybody had any input on this or why it might not be working. I also posted on tomshardware.
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