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guys iv been posting around here trying to get help and I finally got my car inspected today. Happy as shit. Here is a couple details that helped me get straitened out.

Mitsubishi eclipse gs. 2000 with 4 cylinder. Cold air intake and 5 speed transmission.

When I picked the car up it was running horrible. Horrible stutter on acceleration and cut out.

Come to find out the spark plug boot were backwards. Those idiots.

Replace a feul injector from a code the car was throwing along with a egr valve and egr vacuum cylinder.

The car was running good until the engine temp reached middle way.
Then the car would cut off for no explainable reason.

It finally threw a crankshaft position sensor code and replaced it from under the Timing belt cover.if your car cuts off when it gets warm i suggest checking that out.

I paid $700 for the car and work for a auto parts store so put in about $120 worth of parts and got inspected today and am so ready to get on the road. It runs just about 70 in third gear. Wonderful buy. Convincing my mom to get a 03 eclipse spider next week.

My sunroof still won't open, it clicks like it wants to but nothing works. Even pushing it, guess something is hung up. My wipers still stop at random points but iv searched about the control board to replace and will get on it soon. So happy with my first Mitsubishi.

Thanks for reading guys. Going to get it on the road monday after I have a great birthday and will take a picture of it soon.
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