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This meet is going to be held in Greenville, SC on the weekend of July 25-27th. I will have the iterniary and prices for hotels up by the end of the day. We need a head count started on all forums so we can see how much the group rate will be for the hotel. The main head count is located on DSMPurity. Someone from GADSM said that some 3g's might be interested.

Our meet will include a mountain run, photoshoots, professional photographers, group pictures and great food!

Hope you are interested.

BTW, My name is Chelsea and I'm one of a few people that are planning this SC meet.

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Hope you guys are interested!
Itenerary for the 1st Annual SC DSM/ EVO Meet!!!!

Friday Night:
*8pm-12am Meet and Greet
We are planning on meeting in a closed down O'Charley's parking lot right on Haywood Road beside the hotel, I'm going to call some law peoples and make sure we won't get into any trouble being there!

*(Breakfast continental at hotel)
*10:30-11 Meet in hotel parking lot
*11-30-2:45 Mountain Run through beautiful Chimney Rock!
(Realistically the mountain run will only take until 12:45 but there are shops and stuff at the top that should be a lot of fun!)
*2:45 Group photo
*2:55-4:10 Drive back to hotel
*----------4:10-6:15 BREAK!!---------
*6:15-6:30 Meet for dinner at Don Pablos Mexican Restraunt! (
*After dinner we were thinking of all hanging at the hotel pool and having some beverages!!

*11:30-11:45 Meet in hotel parking lot.
*12-2:00ish Lunch at Hooters (time depending on how quickly we're served)
*2:00 (immediately following lunch) Group car line-up photoshoot
*2:30-Until Frankies Fun Park

Frankies overview:

The Hotel we are booking is the Haywood Road Hampton Inn on 246 Congaree Road, Greenville, SC 29607. We are presently waiting to hear back from their rep on what our group rate would be. Without a group rate they said it would be 89.00 a night. They were super friendly and had a nice parking lot and it's off the road but at an intersection where if u go straight u hit the mall (like literally straight is the mall parking lot) and left is the interstate!

If anyone has questions or gets lost please feel free to call any one of us!:
Chelsea: 1-803-983-7040
Steph: 1-864-706-0027
Eric: 1-864-621-2697
Mikey :1-864-787-1996
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So are the 3gens welcome or not? I think I might be interested.
Third gens are welcome. I posted on here so you guys would be invited. I look forward to seeing everyone.
I have seen some crazy nice 3gs.
Let me know.
Third gens are welcome. I posted on here so you guys would be invited. I look forward to seeing everyone.
I have seen some crazy nice 3gs.
Let me know.
I guess count me in. Ill just have to ask off work. I plan on going down to Myrtle Beach around that time so i could just ride down there after the meet.
Awesome. Can't wait to meet you.

That is the official link for the main part of all discussions.

Come visit!
Wow! This actually sounds pretty great! Sounds like a nice, well organized meet (needed for once in the Southeast! :lol:!)

I might show for this. :wiggle:
Count me in if you dont mind a Stratus hanging arround.
I may head over for the weekend. Would just have to request off work.
Cool. This is the Area im originally from. I definatly might come. Ill let some of my local friends know about this.
Well get a list going on here. The hotel is Hampton Inn on Haywood Road. The group rate is going to be $79 a night. And all you have to do is to reserve a room in the "mitsubishi block".

CALL 864-288-1200,
Tell them you want to reserve a room in the "Mitsubishi block"
And that's it!!

wow 4 hours!!!!
You should go GTplaya. Ill probably go. That way you can see all the mods ive done to my car since you saw it that time I bought those tails from you.
im thinkin about it really but the was gas is the evo wont like this trip lol
Being as I live 30 min. from the hotel, I dont think I have any excuses for not being there. I dont know if I will stay at the hotel or drive home though, I guess it dependes on how much I drink.:D
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