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First Car

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Hello, I recently joined this site to gather as much as information before I pull the trigger. Reading through other threads, I know I will get shit on by a lot of people because of this repetitive questions and I don't blame you since I feel that way on the forum I am a veteran on. Anyways, I am 17 and looking forward to get 2000 or 2001 Eclipse GT. I want your honest opinion on the car's positive and negative sides and which trim to buy. This will be my first car ever (if I decide to purchase it). Also can someone give me websites to aftermarket parts for this car and or a master thread about it. I need help looking for my performance mod. I also I would like to lower it 2" and put a simple body kit on it. So a website or a thread pointing where to get it would be helpful. BTW, I know very little on how to tune a car and mostly getting help on doing it. I have a budget of $7000 on a car so if you don't feel I am not making the right purchase for my first car, please point me to a good one. I am picking this car mainly because of the modern aerodynamic look. I did use the search button but it's not really helping me. Sorry for being a "n00b".
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Header, Intake, and a intercooler huh?
Fixed for you......
If you only have 7 grand and want performance parts, a 2" drop(that doesn't suck balls) and a body kit, buy a civic. If you want a classy looking car that will never go fast on your budget, then buy this eclipse and love it for what it is.
The car is a great daily driver. It looks gorgeous with a drop and a lip. You can do it for 7k if you shop right.
I am talking about $7000 for the car and the modifications are separated from that bill. I am looking to add an additional $5000 for modification or more if necessary.
buy a beater to get you through college, then get a nice car.
the eclipse is my first car, and I love it
it is a great car to have to really get good at driving before you move onto something faster and more expensive. sometimes I wish that it was faster, but then I realize that mine is reliable, looks nice, and gets me where I need to go, which is what it iasupposed to do
if your trying to go, boost is the obvious answer. show? a lip kit definitely, drop and wheels
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