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Hi currently i am selling my 2003 eclipse GTS with app 92000 miles on it. When i had the engine fully moded in 2008 it had 85000 on it. So now the engine has only approximately 7000 miles on it. Before i got the engine modded i had it dynoed at 203 whp and 200 tq. Thats about 240 bhp. The only mod i had on it then was long tube headers. Now you can imagine what it makes with the other mods. I did have the ripp mods supercharger stage 3 hooked up to hit , but took it off since the supercharger oil seal busted. With all the parts on this eclipse i have spent about 13000 dollars. Also i just bought a new starter for the car just last month. This car had a new transmission put into it last year which still has a one year warranty left. This car is sportronic (automatic). but dont be fooled there are some transmission mods also, so it is just as fast a a manual. Since it is a race car it takes like two minutes on start up before the car can idle right. It just needs to warm up before moving. When i took it to the races at race legal about two years ago before the mods on the 1/8th mile track i ran a 9.98 sec. i beat mostly stock 350z's, new mustang gts, and of course anything out there that was a standard car.

exterior parts on vehicle include: carbon fiber fenders, hood, trunk. All the carbon fiber parts are faded due to the sunlight. They can be refinished at an auto body shop. SEE BELOW IN BLUE. Halo front lights, clear turn signal lights. has 4 underbody strut bars for better suspension, poly urethane mounts for engine and everything in the rear is changed to polyurethane mounts. tinted window . front window has a crack on it on the drive side. The crack is about 1 foot long. It has been sealed professionally, so it will not crack anymore.

interior parts include: 3 gauge pod with autometer gauges. shifter nob. leather is good condition little cracking. dash is great condition. pioneer cd player. aftermarket eclipse brand highs and mids speakers. back seat top seats are cloth because old leather was too bad and i ordered the wrong back seat. inpicture on the dash shows a control module. This eclipse that i am selling will not come tih that module but instead have the stock clock / temperature gauge in that location.

engine mods: torque convertor, bored fi intake manifold, front mount transmission cooler, RPW camshaft stage 2, fidanza cam gears,new timing belt, port and polished heads, RPW long tube headers, custom full 3 in exhaust, raactive muffler, wiseco forged pistons,ARP main and head stud kit, overbored 1 mm. new 9 mm spark plugs wires and spark plugs, new distributor and cap.... engine mods and installation was about 4800.

(Ripp mods supercharger kit) (This is what is remaining on the car from the supercharger kit) -walboro 255lb fuel pump, air filter, oversized lightweight overdrive pulley, tensioner puller


I have all the descriptions for everything that i put on my car on file. i have most of the receipts on file also.

I currently live in Springfield, MO but my car is garaged in Harrison AR at my mothers. I can arrange to drive it to springfield or meet you there if you are serious about looking at the car. Thankyou

NOTE: AS OF July 21, 2010, the eclipse is in the paint shop getting all the carbon fiber parts painted to the original color silver metallic.

Price of car is 11500 and that does not include shipping. pickup is only available. please contact me at [email protected] for more info.
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