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Former COTM car for sale AZ

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i have decided to part ways with my 03 eclipse. It has been really good to me over the last few years, but since i have moved back to MN i don't want to pay to have it moved up here with me. I am selling this car at a HUGE loss to me but whatever my loss is your gain. One could probably make a lot of money parting this car out, i would do it myself but like i said the car is a few thousand miles away from me. anyway this car blue books at about $9000

that is with the wheels however the audio (besides door and rear speakers) was recently stollen.

I need this car gone after the coilovers, wheels, brakes, exhaust and intake you are then getting a car for what really amounts to 1000 come one someone has to have the money to buy this I need it gone NOW

In Phoenix AZ
In Phoenix AZ
In Phoenix AZ

03 Eclipse GH (GS)

<B>Mod List</B>

<B>:performance / Engine:</B>
-Magnaflow Cat-Back Exhaust
-AEM V2 Cold Air Intake
-Custom Black Valve Cover
-Custom Engine Covers From 480 Customs
-Red Split loom
-Megan Short Shifter
-Reflashed ECU From <LINK>Mynes</link> Performance

-Ksport Full Coilovers w/ Camber Plates
-Suspension Techniques Rear Sway Bar
-DC Sports Front Strut Tower Bar
-AEM Big Rotor Kit (red centers)
-TSW Thruxton 19" Rims
-Falken FK452 tires

-Black Depo Projector Headlights
-Black TYC Taillights
-Black Front Turn Signals
-Gorilla Black Wheel Locks
-Custom “GH” Rear Badge
-Custom Black Painted Brakes From Phat3GCustoms
-15% Tint On Rollups
-10% Tint On Rear Window
-5% Tint On Rear Corner Windows
-BC-N1 Front End
-Shine Street Sides
-Shine Street Rear Molded
-Custom Flat Black Paint
-Full Body Guitar Hero and New Castle Airbrushed paint job

-MOMO GARA Shift Knob
-Custom Black and Red Vinyl Seats
-Custom Black Headliner From 480 Customs
-Custom Painted Dash From Phat3GCustoms
-Custom Door Panels From 480 Customs
-Red LEDs and Cold Cathode Tubes From Phat3GCustoms

<B>:Trunk / I.C.E.:</B>
-Kenwood DDX6019 6.95” Double DIN Touch Screen Headunit
-Kenwood KCA-iP500 iPod Interface Kit
-2 Kenwood KFC-1690ie - 6 ¾” 2 Way Speakers
-2 Kenwood KFC-1680ie - 6 ½” 2 Way Speakers
-2 Kenwood KFC-6960ie - 6”x9” 3 Way Speakers
-2 Kenwood KFC-W2510 – 25 cm Subwoofers
-Kenwood KAC8452 - 70x4 4 Channel Amp
-Kenwood KAC8152D - 500x1 Mono Amp
-Sirius Satellite Radio
-Plasmaglow Neon
-2 Valor Power Inverter
-Scosche Power Cables and Distribution Block
-Metra Signal Cables
-False Floor with Plexiglass Window From 480 Customs
-Custom Subwoofer Enclosure From 480 Customs
-Custom Rear Hatch From 480 Customs
-2 Custom Color Matched Wireless Guitar Hero Controllers
-Sony Playstation 2
-Hyundai Q321 ATSC 32” LCD TV
-Pyle 7" Visor Monitors

The tires have maybe 100 miles on them

The car has been kept in a shop for the last six months

I will send the TV down to the buyer since the trunk is custom fitted for it. The TV can be taken out so you are getting a 32" TV for your home with the car.

I also have red radiator hoses that will come with the car, they are not installed.

Before the air brushing

More pics upon request or go to

please call me at 612-281-2301
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a vw golf gti either a 20th anv. or a 337
Good luck with the sale!
Hadn't realized you moved back to the Midwest! Ya I know you like the mild winters & mesquitos as large as small planes! LOL
post wild loss bump, someone please buy my car
good luck with the sale, I saw this car at HIN a few months back in phx. Bump for a nice ride
thanks for the bumb price drop $10000
Wow that is a crazy low price, whoever gets this thing will be VERY happy that is for sure. It is obvious that you have not only spent a lot of money on the car, but also time and dedication to doing things right. Good luck with the sale. :yesway:
thanks a lot, i wish i could keep going with it but thats life. PLEASE SOMEONE BUY MY CAR. It is a hell of a steal
I live in the valley and came from MN too bro. Where you moving back to? I want your wheels really bad, wanna sell them?. I saw your car at HIN, really clean
sorry i can't part the car out for a few reasons: first, it is in AZ and i am in MN and second, i don't have other wheels to put on the car for when i sell it
Ill go buy you some from the junk yard and we can swap them in phoenix
Just saw your car yesterday over @ 480Customs. Saw the new paint on it too. Too bad you have to let it go.
i could post up some pics if you want
that would bee cool, glad you like it. the car has been stored there for a year know they are great guys.
Yeah, I.ll drive by next week and see if its parked outside again. (If open I.ll walk in and ask if I can take some shots of it, but if not you might want to tell them that Alex might drive by and take pics of it so they don.t freak out)

I was actually going to dig up your old member's ride page and post that it could easily become a "Rock Band" custom vehicle, but I found this thread.
post GTA4 playing bump
Do you know the offset of the wheels?

Also size and offset of your last set?

Thanks, good luck with the sale!


offset was i think +32 but i really have no idea, and even less of an idea about the last set, which i don't have anymore
bump for pending wheel sale price drop will follow if sale goes through
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