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1. FIRST AND FOREMOST: The answer to all your problems is on the other side of this link.

How could the search button answer what problem my car is having you are thinking to yourself, well, the 3G was released in 1999. Since 1999 the car has developed problems, it's inevitable, it's part of automobile ownership, it's going to break.

Saying that, working on close to a decade of the 3G platform being discussed leads us to the wonderful resource that can be found in the search button because with 99.99% certainty, I'd bet that whatever problem you are facing now is not new, it's been dealt with before and there is probably an answer in here for it.

So before you post a thread in here, please take the time to use the search button to see if you can find a solution to your problem before creating a new thread.
If you have already followed those directions, please continue.

2. Do not flame people for bumping old threads. We want all relevant information in one place. Bumping old threads is encouraged.

3. Writing your post like a moron (without some semblance of grammar and punctuation) will result in a warning, followed by a 1-day ban if it continues. Make it easy for others to interact with you by being courteous and respectful.

4. Follow this format when posting your problem report. There has been a large influx of problem reports where the community is asked to solve the unknown, however the person with the problem fails to provide enough information for anyone to come to a sensible conclusion. So that we may try to properly and quickly diagnose your problems, there is a set amount of information we need. It cannot be assumed that any of us are mind readers or that we have magic internet browsers that let us look under your hood.

Therefore, before posting any problem reports, ensure you include at least the following information when submitting your problems to us for help. Doing so will help to eliminate aggrevation on our end and help to get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

YEAR: Pretty self explanatory


TRANSMISSION: Manual, Automatic (RS only), Sportronic

MILES: Overall mileage on the car

PROBLEM: Be as specific as possible. Include when it happens and when it doesn't. The more information you can provide the better. Here are a couple examples for you:

- BAD EXAMPLE: My car makes a clunking sound in the right front. Can you help me out?

- GOOD EXAMPLE: My car has been making an intermittent clunking sound for the last 3 weeks and I haven't been able to figure it out yet. It sounds like it's coming from the right front, but hard to tell for sure. The noise is only present when I go over speed bumps, or similar bumps, at medium speeds (above 10 mph...I haven't tried to go over any bumps above 20 mph)...below 10 mph the noise is not there. The noise only appears if only one wheel goes over the doesn't matter which wheel (it will make the noise with either wheel going over the bump), but it won't make the noise if both wheels go over the bump. It doesn't matter if I'm going straight or turning when going over the bump...only speed and having one or both wheels going over the bump seems to make a difference.

MODIFICATIONS & MAINTENANCE: List any modifications you've made that may affect the problem. If you're unsure if a modification may affect it, list them all. Also list any maintenance that has been performed lately. Include how many miles since the maintenance or modifications have been performed.

- BAD EXAMPLE: My car has been lowered and I have rims on the car too.

- GOOD EXAMPLE: My car has KYB AGX shocks/struts with TEIN S-Tech springs. The factory upper mounts were not replaced when the suspension was installed. I have 18x7.5 Black Racing Pro-N1 wheels with Nexen N3000 225/40ZR18 tires. No other modifications to the front suspension have been made. The suspension was installed about 1,500 miles ago, and the wheels & tires about 1,000 miles ago. The problem only started about 400 miles ago though. I also have an Injen CAI installed, but it's been on there for about 4,000 miles and seems to be pretty solid, so I don't think that could be an issue.

WHAT YOU HAVE DONE TO TRY AND FIX THE PROBLEM: Make a list of what you have checked and/or replaced to try and fix the problem. The more detailed you can be, the better. Instead of having us reinvent the wheel, if you've tried something already don't leave us guessing. Additionally, if you haven't tried anything yet and are looking for a good starting place, make sure you Search first...most problems have been covered already. If after about 1 hour worth of searching you cannot find where to start, then it would probably be safe to say that you have a problem worth posting about.

- BAD EXAMPLE: I searched for a couple minutes and couldn't find anything.

- GOOD EXAMPLE: I took the car to Meineke and had them do a front end check...they couldn't find anything wrong with the car. They also said they couldn't duplicate the problem, so I took their mechanic for a test drive...I was able to duplicate the problem with him in the car, but he said he couldn't hear it (which I find hard to believe). I jacked up the car and checked the front end for anything loose myself and everything seemed pretty solid. I noticed that the boots on my front sway bar links seem to be cracked, but they still seem solid. I searched for quite a while and the closest thing I could find seemed like it might be one of the motor mounts, but I couldn't find anything on how to actualy check them. What would be the best way to go about checking my motor mounts? Also, if anyone has any other suggestions I'd appreciate it!

5. Please try your best to use the correct terms for things. It's fine if you don't know what to call a part, but PLEASE be clear when describing the symptoms.

If your engine will not start tell if its cranking and not starting or if it's not cranking.

6. Do not reply to misplaced threads. Report misplaced threads so that they can be moved or closed, replying to them only encourages more misplaced threads which clutter the forums and make searching useless.

7. If you choose to reply to a thread, BE RESPECTFUL. Not everyone has rebuilt two-dozen engines or had years of training in a technical institute.
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