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FREE Alldata access (Username and Password inside)

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The user name and password I have provided will no longer work. Sorry.
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Just some bumpage for the Sunday Night crew that might not have seen it last night. Can't let anyone miss out on this info. :yesway:

This site is a very informative site, everyone will find it very useful.
Cool. ALLDATA definitely owns. My step bro has a license from the shop he works for and gets updates on DVD. It really helps out with electrical shit.
This is amazing, i would say every little problem i have with my car is listed under the TSB's now all i have to do is make enough money to get screwed out of it by the dealer buying all the parts that they messed up on
All right, I've looked into this problem and it seems that All Data has received many "unknown" hits (Probably from the members of this site). It has cancelled the Penn College username. I will find out if I can get another user name and password to resolve this problem.
Yeah, the school has now updated its on-campus computer security, so All-Data will only work on an on-campus computer with the username and password I have provided. The school started to pick up on unknown or off-campus IP addresses so they shut down the program and revamped it. Pretty much leaving us on the outside world fooked. So no more free all-data :bash: .
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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