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fresh meat

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So I just bought a used "new" 01 GT and I am obsessed with it. If I could sleep with it in my bed I would :D . Still practically stock as of now but I'm doing researching to what I'm gonna do with my baby. Seems everyone in here are cool too so I hope I get all the advice, info, etc. I need. Here are some pics.

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welcome, u'll have 2 get 2 a great lakes region meet sumtime
Welcome! You'll find this forum to be very useful!
:wavey: Welcome!
Welcome to the club!! There is definetly some info on the site bro, enjoy!! Clean ride!
Welcome to the site. Oh, and HDL doesn't mean what you were told. :D
Welcome. First word of advice, remove the TYC sticker on the trunk lid.
1 - 20 of 29 Posts
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