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FS: 2001 Eclipse GT rear bumper, side skirts, and stock intake

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FS: 2001 Eclipse GT Black rear bumper and stock intake

I sold my eclipse last summer but still have these parts laying around and they need to go...

So first up is the rear bumper. couple rubs/scratches, should be able to see them though

$200 shipped (obo)

Next I have the sideskirts, pretty good condition as far as they go


I honestly dont know if people are interested in this but I already have a thread started, so heres a stock intake for sale too...
Its got all the hardware as far as I can remember but no more car, so im not 100% sure
*all i have is whats shown*

$50 shipped (obo)

If anyone would like better/more/specific pictures Id be happy to oblige, please email me at [email protected]. I'm not on the site much.
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I had a body kit on for the last few years so its been a long time since these came off. what do you mean by end caps? the ends seem closed off themselves i think. do you mean like a mudflap-type piece?
I'll take the side skirts if Jaloosk doesn't take them.
$100 shipped to 01905? And there are no cracks correct?
BUMP, Taking offers...
side skirts

still have side skirts? how much with shipping to 39601?
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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